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Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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I didn't agree to anything.
You practical son of a bitch!
You're gonna cash in those people's lives
just for a shot at the Nobel Peace Prize!
Saunders, don't get sanctimonious
with me.
Nobody's gonna win anything
when this war's over.
If the VC want 'em dead so bad,
why don't they just kill 'em?
They won't because they're worth
too much as a bargaining point.
Wrong. They'll kill 'em...
...as soon as they sign the treaty...
...or they'll hold them as MIA
till they're through interrogating them.
In any case, what I'm trying to say is
we have to at least try...
...to get some of those people out of there.
I hate to think I've been misjudging you.
That would be unfortunate.
What do you call the commandoes...
...you're holding
under the Phoenix umbrella?
Black Tigers.
Who the hell thinks up names like that?
Black Tigers!
Actually, a group of us did,
some years ago.
Don't let anybody kid you, Harolds.
It's a great name.
- Can they get your people out?
- I don't know, it's very risky business.
Take at least a couple of weeks
for an operation like that.
Forty-eight hours.
Forty-eight hours? Right.
What about staging a major operation
in the middle of your peace talks?
I'll worry about the diplomacy.
I get the feeling I'm offending
some sensibility in you.
The American public is crying for peace.
I intend to achieve it for them.
Like I said,
you're practically a national treasure.
Saunders, when this war is over...
...you should get a job
as an advance man for cancer.
In support of the disease or the cure?
I sometimes find it difficult to understand...
...the American custom of joking
during a time of crisis.
How certain are you of your intelligence?
To be perfectly honest with you,
Maj. Mhin...
...the only thing certain about intelligence
is uncertainty.
As usual, you're a big help.
This better be as important
as your boys at headquarters said it was.
Let's go, Mhin.
What do you think Prince will say when
we come walking in there after him?
"You came a long way, Fred,
to collect your bread."
- That's what he's going to say.
- You'd better believe that, baby.
What makes them think Hanoi
will sit still for this kind of stunt?
It must make sense
or they wouldn't be sending us.
One camp. What good could it do?
The POWs are in dozens of camps.
It's the camp with the most guys in it.
I do not see how a raid at this time
can do anything but harm the negotiations.
Major, I thought
the goddamn war was over.
So did I, but it's not. What's your point?
The point is we don't want to be
the last guys killed in this war...
...if there's someone else available.
I think they've got us down
for second to last.
Whatever happened to the good old days
when Randolph Scott and John Wayne...
...were happy to get their asses blown off
for the good ol' US of A?
Who the hell is Randolph Scott?
Randolph Scott Key:
dude who wrote the national anthem!
Oh, that Randolph Scott!
You can joke if you want,
but I've got a score to settle.
That's the spirit, Gordie, an ear for an ear!
I said not to joke around
about my ears, didn't I?
You're gonna have a hard time
finding an ear that size.
Just give me a couple whole heads.
I'll use what I need.
What do you know? We can go first class!
- You gonna serve coffee, Randolph?
- Sure!
I want Lola Falana to serve my coffee!
- Gonna be a movie on this flight?
- Yeah.
- Major, over here!
- Get in!
Gordie, he's hit!
Get him.
- Come on!
- All right, let's get out!
- Get him!
- Come on!
- What's the matter?
- Goddamn thing won't start!
Come on!
Get out! Move out! Let's go!
Come on!
Come on, Gordie. We gotta run!
Where we running, Mike?
Are we late for the train or something?
Where the hell are the choppers?
The choppers aren't here.
Why don't we take the train?
Nighthawk, this is Tiger 1. Over.
Somebody's going to pay for this screwup.
I think I know who.
Yeah, us.
Nighthawk, this is Tiger
Хорошие парни носят чёрное Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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