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Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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you talking about?
When it comes time for your swearing in
today, you're not gonna be there.
I'll be there.
You're dreaming.
Am I?
Booker, they're going to come
looking for me.
You can't just disappear a Secretary
of State without arousing someone's ire.
Let 'em look.
All right. Tell me, what's your plan?
If you get away with this...
...it'll betray every guy that ever died
in any war we ever had.
And God knows how many more people
you'll kill in the future.
I'm not gonna let it happen.
You're insane. It won't work.
You can bet your ass it will.
Crazy, goddamn idiot!
You stop this car! You hear me?
Stop this car or I'll kill you!
You're panicking.
Stop the goddamn car!
The Greenpeace Foundation
in San Francisco...
... says the Russians
are using 250-pound explosive...
Are you okay?
... which are against international treaties.
In Washington, meantime...
... the State Department
has an even bigger headache.
Who will be its new boss?
Morgan, due to be sworn in
this morning, suddenly...
Morgan, due to be sworn in
this morning, suddenly...
...withdrew his name.
- I'll give you a lift.
Morgan himself has been
unavailable for comment.
He is said to be keeping a low profile
in a secret hideaway on Chesapeake Bay.
- In we go.
- Also unavailable...
... is Morgan's long-time deputy,
Edgar Harolds.
It is speculated that Harolds
might now be nominated for the job...
... but he is reportedly
in the Bethesda Naval Hospital...
... undergoing his
annual physical examination.
Morgan's withdrawal
came as a shock to most...
I see you've had a busy morning, too.
Yeah, it was nothing like yours.
Хорошие парни носят чёрное

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