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No, it isn 't, Mr Bush.
I'm afraid I think you're right.
- What?
- We're going to jump.
Well, now who's out of his mind?
See for yourself, Mr Bush.
It's only water.
You won 't break anything.
Come. Easier than eating turnips.
Mr Kennedy.
-No. I'm sorry. Gentlemen, no.
- On the count of three. One, two...
We're not going to jump.
That's my final word.
And three. And ru-u-un!
BUSH: I can 't swim-m-m-m!
Privilege of rank, Styles.
I can 't swim!
- It's all right, Mr Bush. We've got you.
- Come on.
They're up!
All right to lower a boat now, sir?
So, Mr Buckland, the destruction of the fort?
Did you expect Mr Hornblower to survive it?
- Of course.
- Did you want him to survive it?
-I resent that, sir.
-With respect, I must object
to this accusation
which has no bearing on the charges.
Your objection is noted.
Resent it or resent it not,
did you want Mr Hornblower to survive?
I do not send men to their deaths, sir.
Give them a cheer, lads! Hip, hip...
CREW: Hoorah!
- Hip, hip!
- Hoorah!
- Hip, hip.
- Hoorah!
Mr Kennedy. Well done, sir.
- Thank you very much, Mr Wellard.
- And another! Hoorah!
Mr Matthews.
Got your head for heights, have you, sir?
It wasn 't needed on the way down, Styles.
I hope you are equally
as pleased to see me, Styles.
Sir, he's lost for words,
he's that chuffed.
Come on! Race up those yards!
Mr Hornblower.
Kindly take command of the Gaditana
and the other prize vessels.
- Yes, sir.  - I hold you responsible
for their safe return.
All of them. Is that clear?
Aye aye, sir.
No, no, no.
Best, it's me.
Sir, my apologies.
For disobeying your orders.
Well, it was true to form, if nothing else.
You three, you are so full of yourselves.
And of each other.
You think me a fool.
Nobody pretends command is easy, sir.
I never expected it to be easy.
I expected to be fit for it.
What in God's name...?
Captain James Sawyer, sir.
I apologise I am unable to salute you.
- How long has he been like this?
- Since he last had his medicine, sir.
- Release him.
- Sir?
Just...do it.
I didn 't think I'd ever see these again.
lnever wanted any of this.
Do you hear?
(Sawyer sobs)
Some fresh air, sir?
All quiet, Matthews?
As a church, sir.
Well, I for one am glad of it.
I dare say you are, sir,
with Mr Buckland on your back.
- (Reproving) Matthews.
- Sorry, sir.
But affer what's happened today,
I'd say he was a man with no conscience.
It's no simple matter
commanding a vessel of over 700 souls.
The captain must rely on
the courtesy of his crew.
Aye. I see that, sir.
But what of Captain Sawyer?
Should we look to our conscience there?
Yes. Yes. Even there.
Why don 't I take first watch, sir?
You get some rest. You look done in.
Thank you, Matthews.
Wake me at six bells.
Watch your step. We don 't want you
falling down there a second time, do we, sir?
Tell me.
What do you see?
Spanish ladies.
All gone now.
What else?
What else do you see?
Leave him, Mr Hobbs.
His mind is gone.
Oh, you'd hope so.
You of all men.
I didn 't push him. You're mistaken.
No. It wasn 't him. Too small.
Give me a minute. I'll remember his name.
You, sir! You! I know your face.
You are...Admiral de Brueys.
No. He died long ago.
Cut in two.
Lying on the arms box.
Better take the captain
back to his cabin, Hobbs.
I will, sir.
But when the captain is rested,
and his mind is clear,
I will bring him back.
And I will ask him again,
and he will remember.
If not today, then tomorrow.
Or the day affer that.
Habla espanol?
Quieres joderme, hm?
Te voy a matar.
WELLARD: I think Mr Hobbs is right.
I think the captain may name
the man who pushed him.
(Sighs) Even if it's Admiral de Brueys.
You've nothing to fear
from the noose, Mr Wellard.
I've no fears on my account, sir,
but I owe a great debt
to two men on this ship.
I would do
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