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was a blunder, sir,
that later made short work of
your fine victory, and cost lives.
I regret the loss of life.
They're striking their colours.
Come, gentlemen. Our battle is done.
Who the hell is that?
I have an idea our battle has just begun.
I for one won 't give up without a fight.
Sir, a retreat might be more prudent.
We're only 20 men.
Not quite 20.
Very well, fall back.
Hobbs, spike the gun.
Aye aye, sir.
How long have you been under siege?
Longer than I care to remember, sir.
Then why are they attacking now?
(Captain Sawyer sings)
- Oh, for God's sake. What now?
(sing) Spanish ladies
(sing) Farewell and adieu
(sing) You ladies of Spain
(sing) For we've received orders
(sing) To go to Old England...
Stop this madness.
Ah. The acting captain.
- So glad you're here.
- Sir?
When I see you
I feel so much less pity for myself.
You are not well, sir.
No. I am not well.
But you are outstripped
by a boy half your age.
So clever.
So quick.
So full of invention.
The doctor will settle you, sir.
Less than seven years at sea
and the men love him already.
Of course they do. He commands.
It is in him. Not hammered home
like some dull school lesson.
And the more he shines,
the more they smile at you.
Yes, sir.
They smile and nod,
and laugh behind their hands.
You are a clown, sir.
A clown in a captain 's hat.
Take my advice. Strike first, Mr Buckland.
Or he will take your ship
and you'll be dead before you know it.
Then what will you do, Mr Buckland?
- The boat is ready to take you ashore, sir.
- For God's sake, give him what he needs.
I've already given him as much as I dare.
Strike first.
Then give it again!
PELLEW: I don 't envy you, sir.
The captain injured,
the first lieutenant takes command.
Never an easy thing in any circumstances.
We strive to do our best.
Tell me, how would you describe
your third lieutenant?
Mr Hornblower?
I would say
he has a precocious talent, sir.
That's certainly one way of looking at it.
Nevertheless, you worked well together?
- I would say so. Yes.
-No hint of discord or threat?
There was nothing of that, sir.
Come on!
Matthews, get me the captain of Marines
and let's organise a defence.
Aye aye, sir.
How long do we have, Mr Hornblower?
I think you have your answer, Mr Kennedy.
- We're withdrawing from the fort, sir.
- The Marines will cover our retreat.
Very well.
Time we made it to the ship, sir.
I don 't think so, Mr Bush.
We still have to blow up the fort.
Ineed a man to lay the charges.
I would be honoured to volunteer, sir.
And l, sir.
- I'm the senior officer.
- I don 't think it will take all 3 of you.
Mr Hornblower, I accept your offer.
With respect, sir...
what's to be gained?
Those are our orders, Mr Kennedy.
I'm sure Mr Hornblower will concur.
Yes, sir.
Very well.
Good luck, Mr Hornblower.
Mr Hornblower.
I shall see you onboard the Renown,
Get those prisoners below.
(Women complain in Spanish)
Let's have some more order here.
- Beg pardon, sir. About Mr Hornblower.
- What about him?
Me and Styles, some of the lads thought we
could row back, take him off, sir.
No, I can 't spare you.
I've lost enough men as it is.
- But he's on his own, sir.
-No. I said no!
You're needed here.
Where is Mr Kennedy?
Where is Mr Bush?
Archie! Are you out of your mind?
Very possibly,
but we thought you could use the company.
Mr Hornblower.
You've clearly lost your wits, both of you.
I suggest we our move, gentlemen.
It's getting rather warm down here.
This way!
No. No.
This way! I assure you.
Now you know what it's like
to lose your hero.
- He'll be back.
- Of course he will.
Well, I admire your faith.
Your victory's now complete, sir.
Mr Matthews.
We sail for Kingston.
Aye aye, sir.
The cliff top, sir.
She's sailing away.
Well, that looks like it, gentlemen.
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