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Because that man, at least,
knows when he has lost!
The garrison 's supplies, sir.
There's not enough here to feed a family.
Where's the rest?
This is the rest, sir.
The colonel did not speak plainly to us.
The people here are starving.
And the fort - I feel it is under siege.
It's under siege? From whom?
The rebel slaves, sir.
I- I saw them off.
Dr Clive will bear witness.
A scouting party.
The army may be a different matter.
Then we must leave this place.
With all speed.
Or if we hold our nerve, sir,
perhaps we can turn this to our advantage.
Ready, Matthews?
On the count of three.
One, two, three. Heave.
Thank you, Mr Wellard. Steady.
Ow! Watch it!
Any damage to this gun
comes out of your pay, Styles.
- Come on. Quickly. - I hope old
Buckland has his wits about him.
If we can pull our weight,
I dare say he can pull his.
Colonel. I'm afraid my men are all busy
about their duties,
but I would be honoured
if you would dine with me on the Renown.
Very gracious of you, Captain.
What little we have is yours.
Perhaps your wife would like to join us?
She'd be delighted, sir.
And then to business.
Of course, Colonel.
It's all right, Sergeant,
I'll take care of the captain from here.
- If you're sure, Mr Hobbs.
- I'm sure.
All right, Jones.
What are they up to, those lieutenants?
My own ship.
My own men.
The usual, sir.
Just playing at command.
All packed and ready to go, sir.
Well done. Styles, keep that head
of yours out of trouble.
- Yes, sir.
- Styles?
- Any sign of Hobbs with that gunpowder?
- Er... no, sir.
- Your orders were to remain with him.
- Very sorry, sir.
On deck, if you please, Mr Hobbs.
I said...
Off came the cage!
Up leapt the tiger.
Stand aside.
I'm going on deck now.
Stand aside.
Mr Hobbs, the captain will remain
confined in his cabin.
- He will do no such thing.
- Think of the crew, sir.
If they were to see you now. You're
down, sir. But you still have your name.
My name?
What do you know of my name?
I know that once Captain James Sawyer
overcame three French frigates
in a single morning.
The men who were there that day
said they had never seen such courage.
I think he has paid the price
for that courage
and is paying for it even now.
You're a danger to yourself, sir,
and I would not see you harmed.
Mr Hornblower, we must leave.
Damn you.
Ready, sir.
Forgive me, sir.
I have yet to congratulate you
on your fine work in the tunnel.
Thank you, Mr Hobbs.
Though the way you held that gun
was like you'd never fired at a man
in your life.
Well, it had a light trigger.
Have you? Ever shot a man?
You might find a knife easier.
Stab a man.
Especially in the back, sir.
That is an easy one.
Or just push him...
..down the hold.
- "Sorry about the captain."
You little snot. - I did not push him.
Of course you did. You were so out
of your head on laudanum,
you don 't remember a thing,
do you boy?
KENNED Y: Mr Wellard.
We need a man to fend the gun off the cliff.
You were small enough for the tunnel,
Mr Wellard.
Are you light enough to ride the gun?
I can do it.
Well done, Mr Wellard.
Hang on tight, Mr Wellard.
I want to see you safe in Kingston.
Ready, all?
- Ready, sir.
- Haul away!
- Handsomely, now.
- Heave. Heave.
Liffing a ship's cannon
to the top of the cliff,
under the enemy's very nose.
It was the only way of getting
within range, sir.
The Spanish ships had sailed
beyond the reach of the fort's own cannon,
and the bay was too shallow for the Renown.
Quite an enterprise.
It was an opportunity, sir.
You speak of opportunity,
yet only you seem the opportunist.
- I don 't follow, sir.
- I think you do.
PELLEW: This piece of derring-do,
Mr Hornblower, was your idea?
It was authorised
by the acting captain, sir.
And conceived by the third lieutenant?
Come, sir. You're under oath.
Never mind, Mr Buckland.
My idea, sir.
Yes. I'll
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