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anything to repay it.
What are you suggesting, Mr Wellard?
I cannot tell who pushed the captain, sir,
but I know there were three of us down here.
Any one of us could have done it.
And one of us will hang for it.
Shan 't sleep.
Shan 't sleep.
Now I remember.
Vamos! Sssh.
All quiet?
(Urgent whispering)
Vamos! Apuranos. Silencio.
Tie him to the bed.
- By God, sir. I'm a fellow officer.
-No. You were never that.
Renowns! We're taken!
This way.
All hands! All hands!
Every man on deck!
Sorry to wake you, sir.
I thought you should see for yourself.
All hands on deck. Quickly now.
All hands on deck!
Shortly affer eight bells
the French frigates opened fire.
We were outnumbered and outgunned,
having lost half our men already.
But in the hours that followed
we regained our advantage and...
I can 't let you remember.
I can 't let you get to Kingston.
And I will not see them hang.
Either of them.
Then you'd best use both hands,
if you want to pull the trigger.
Take her alongside, Matthews.
Aye aye, sir.
Stand by to board!
Captain Sawyer, sir.
Hobbs, the enemy is here!
Renowns, to me!
It's a clumsy weapon for any man.
No use at all for a boy like you.
Don 't call me boy.
Oh? What would you have me call you?
I'm no boy, sir.
And I am no coward.
And I'm no scarecrow that has to be tied up
so he don 't bite his own shadow...sir.
I'm no boy.
And you are no man at all to strike me so.
To me, Renowns!
- Mr Wellard.
- Sir?
I know who pushed me.
Here. At least one of us can face the enemy
with a clear head.
Abre la puerta! Abre la puerta!
Mr Wellard.
Abre! Aaargh!
Brave lad.
Do you surrender? The colonel is dead.
Marines, present!
Throw down your weapons.
Rindan las armas.
- Matthews, take them below.
- Aye aye, sir.
Below, with you!
Come on. Get them below.
Thank you, Styles.
I fear I'm done.
Not in a thousand years.
Sir! Mr Bush.
How is he?
He doesn 't need any help from you.
He needs needle and thread. Out of my way.
You did your work. Let me do mine.
Yes, sir. You're right.
Come on, Styles.
He recovered at the last, did he?
He said I was brave.
You are.
He knew.
He knew who pushed him.
Get it off your chest. Tell me.
Mr Hobbs.
I'm sorry that his last command
was taken away from him...
..but he was a leader of men.
And he died in battle.
It's all over now, sir.
All over.
- Are you hurt, sir?
- Can you see any blood?
The prizes are safe, sir,
and Renown is recovered.
I can see it's recovered
and I can see who recovered it!
I heard about Buckland.
(Laughs) Silly old fool.
Let him be, Archie.
Had you seen him as I did...
Is that your blood?
Oh. It's just a scratch.
Prisoners under lock and key...
I said, is that your blood?
Not as bad it looks.
And so, Mr Buckland, under your command
misfortune was, for a brief spell,
turned to advantage.
And then what?
A ship of the line fallen into
prisoners' hands. A calamity, sir.
While this fellow lay dreaming in his bed.
I fear it will be your epitaph.
'Here lies Buckland of the Renown,
the captain who was caught napping.'
(Raucous laughter)
Thankfully, there was at least
one fellow officer...
You speak of Mr Hornblower!
- Well, I'll tell you something, Commodore.
- Have a care, sir.
The reason I'm here
is because Captain Sawyer was
mentally incapable of commanding a vessel!
He endangered the lives
of every man on board that ship.
I charge you, sir, do not blacken the name
of one of Nelson 's own.
- Damn you, sir. I will speak!
- Sir!
Captain Sawyer was unfit to command
for one reason only.
He didn 't fall into that hold.
He was pushed!
- What?
- By whom, sir?
By Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower!
Is there anyone else
who can support this claim?
I believe there is.
A kiss from me.
No sign of mortification.
Nothing like a good, clean cut
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