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Sir  Sir
-You said to tell you, sir.
-Yes, who?
-Lieutenants Hornblower, Bush,
Kennedy and Buckland
-Not on watch, sir;
nor in the wardroom; and I thought
Yes, by God, so do I.
-Call out the guard!
You heard me, Sergeant,
there's mutiny brewing,-
black, bloody mutiny.
Call out the guards!
If you find two or more of
these gentlemen together,
you will tell them to stay
exactly where they are.
Forward you go, Mr. Hobbs,
to the hold and midship.
Flush them out, the verminous scum!
-Mr.Wellard,why aren't you on watch?
-The captain,sir,he's coming
-Oh God, holly God!
-Anyone else?
He sent Hobbs to cover
the midship  section.
He's turned out the marine guard.
Mr. Wellard, come with me!
You three get for'ard-
and scatter when you're on deck.
Quickly now!
You two, go forward.
Come on!
It's the captain.
Help me, help me here.
Let's get the grating.
Mr. Wellard, this way.
-Who's there?
-It's me, Hobbs, sir.
-Where are they?
-They're around here somewhere.
Let's split up, here.
Over there.
Down there!  After them!
I hear you.
Out!  Out!
-Or do I shoot you where you stand?
-Run, go on, get out.
Stay where you are!
They've abandoned me.
Universal treachery.
Universal desertion.
My men, where are my true men?
Keep away!
-Keep your distance.
Hold on , what was that?
Come on.
-Is he dead?
-Dr. Clive is with him now, sir.
What happened?
-It would appear he fell, Mr. Bush.
-So it would seem, sir.
-Are you all right, Mr. Wellard?
-You're shaking.
-Quite well, sir, considering.
Mr. Wellard, would you kindly
retrieve the captain's pistols?
They could be vital evidence, sir.
Ah, yes, indeed.
Sir, Captain was talking
about mutiny, sir.
"We've got to catch the mutineers,"
he says.
Did he give you any indication
as to the identity-
-of these mutineers?
-No, sir. But, sir,
Mr. Hobbs was with him.
'Might have confided in him, sir.
Yes, thank-you.
-We need to sway him up.
-Yes, very well.  Ah, Mr. Bush,
-get a tackle rigged.
-Aye, aye, sir.
Mr. Hornblower!
Mr. Kennedy!
Mr. Hornblower,
about this accident
Never mind.  No, never mind.
It'll keep.
-Thank-you, Mr. Wellard.
Lift him together now, steady.
-The pistols, sir.
-Very well.  Over there.
-Will he survive?
-I think so.
-Will he recover?
-Depends on what you mean by"recover"
He's very severely concussed.
I think what Mr. Buckland means
is will he recover sufficiently
-to resume command?
-Impossible to say.
His skull's intact.
That's all I can tell you.
I will be on continuous watch, sir.
We'll go with the captain's orders
until we know more.
Well, what else can I do?
He might wake up this afternoon,
for God's sake.
Then what?
Out of my way, please, Mr. Hobbs.
I don't seem able to move.
Awkward, isn't it?
It can't be helped.
Though, uh
-you can help me, sir.
-In what way?
Well, I was wondering what
happened to the captain.
And I fancy you know exactly
what happened.
Get out of my way or
I shall report you.
How can I help you with that?
I wasn't there.
Oh, I think you can, sir.
For when the captain's recovered,
there'll be shootings and
hangings aboard this ship.
And you won't want to fall foul
of those. So, I think-
you'll tell me. Afterall,
we wouldn't want to see-
your young neck stretched
like a chicken sir.
I don't like it.
I don't like it at all.
-Mr. Buckland, we didn't do anything.
-Perhaps not.
-We all know what was said.
-Yes, but to no effect.
-The events overtook us.
-That does not mean that-
-I am comfortable with it.
-We did nothing other than consider
-our options in those circumstances
-Fate intervened,Mr.Buckland
And the air smells all
the better for it.
The captain's incapacity is not
a matter for celebration,Mr.Kennedy
Unless and until Dr. Clive pronounces
I would remind you that he is still
in charge of this ship.
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