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help you sleep, sir.
Your life is in my hands.
Don't forget.
-Your life is in my hands.
-He won't forget sir.
Will you, Mr. Hornblower?
I will not, sir.
You'd do well not to let
Randall get to you.
-But, he's so
-HeyYou're boatswain's mate now.
It's your job to keep order.
Message from Mr. Hornblower.
Could you attend to him on deck?
-Is that all he said?
-No, he said, "Look lively."
Ah, long night.
Oh, time is only the half of it.
I feared you were
the captain returning.
Oh, why?  What new madness
has he embarked upon?
What can we do for you, Mr. Hobbs?
Captain Sawyer...I've never seen
a man so unstable in his mind.
He wants to die, Archie.
Then, let him.
My fear is that in doing so,
he'll delight-
in all of us dying with him.
What now, Hobbs?
It's Matthews, sir.
You wanted to see, me, sir?
I think I'll call her, "Bessy."
We have unfinished business, Styles.
You're not so tough without your mate
Matthews around, are you?
I don't need any help to teach
you some manners.
You don't need no knife, neither.
Get off me, bastard!
Get off!
'Should have realized I'd been
sent on a wild goose chase, sir.
Get off him, darn you!
By God, you'll pay for this.
Now, put him in irons.
I was winning.
-He says he was winning, sir.
-Now, take him to the sick bay.
-All right.
-What the devil do you want?
-I heard there was some sort of-
an argument going on.
Natural high spirits below decks,
I dare say, sir.
I therefore ordered Randall to
be placed in irons;
Styles, who they'd kicked
almost to death
You exaggerate, Mr. Hornblower.
There he stands, large as life.
You're too squeamish.
I've noticed that about you.
I daresay, sir.  Styles,
if you would, please.
Nevertheless, there he stands.
As I say, your squeamishness-
clouds your judgment.
I advise you to conquer it.
It does not bode well for your
conduct under fire,Mr.Hornblower
-With respect, sir, I find
What do you know of respect?
You come before me with these
men whose-
boisterous high spirits led them
to knock each other-
about a bit, and you expect
me to punish them.
I like high spirits in my men,
do you hear? What I do not like-
are weak-kneed officers who do
not know how to keep order.
-Do you understand?
-I understand, sir.
Charges dismissed.
-Charges dismissed.
Believe me now, do you?
-What the devil is he up to?
-I suspect the evidence was before
the captain before I opened
my mouth, the evidence-
-he wanted to hear, that is.
-By God, I believe you're right.
"Weak-kneed officers who do not
know how to keep order."
I've never heard the like.
He doesn't know the meaning
of the word.
Stay where you are, gentlemen.
There, every sign of guilt.
Bear witness to it, Mr. Hobbs.
Stand still.
-A mutinous assembly, I believe.
-No, sir.
Do you give me the lie on
my own quarterdeck? Plotting,...
whispering, scheming now treating
me with gross disrespect?
I'll see that you regret this,
Mr. Buckland.
-I intended no disrespect, sir.
-Again you give me the lie.
Mr. Bush, I'm disappointed in you.
Why did you not see fit to report
this mutinous assembly to me?
I wasn't aware of them, sir.
I was helping Mr. Wellard-
take a noon site.
Mr. Wellard. Of course.
He will be in this, too.
You will be in trouble-
with these gentlemen, Mr. Wellard.
You didn't keep a sharp enough
lookout, did you, boy?
I doubt if you have a friend left
on the ship.
But, later for you.
The lieutenants first,-
as their lofty rank decrees.
Mr. Hornblower,
you will resume your continuous
watch for a further 36 hours
and these three gentlemen
can report to you-
-when every watch is called.
-Aye, aye, sir.
And, at every hour of every watch,
two, four, and six bells.
Every watch, day and night,
every hour.
And, they're to be properly dressed,
that there be-
no slackness in the execution
of this order. None!
I will have means of
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- Daenseo-ui sunjeong

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