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You submit?  Good.  Submit
to just criticism and in time-
-you might make a seaman.
-Sir, with respect,
Mr. Hornblower and I agreed upon
a course of action, that-
-his stern chaser should fire
its wadding.
-You too, Mr. Bush.
-Are you joining Mr. Hornblower?
-No, no, sir; it might-
have been the wrong course
of action,but I agreed to it.
Mr.Hornblower posted Mr.Wellard
to observe the French frigate.
Mr. Wellard ah, yes.  I'm obliged,
Mr. Bush, much obliged.
Mr. Hornblower and I have some
unfinished business-
with regard to Mr. Wellard.
-Sir, do I proceed?
It's quite straight forward,Dr.Clive.
Mr. Matthews had beaten-
Mr. Wellard insensible.
Does he continue?
Punishment, ended.
-Bring him to the sick-bay
-Then get back on watch,Mr.Hornblower
Mr. Hornblower.
Nasty business, that,
nasty business.
But then again, boys have been
beaten since history began.
It would be a bad thing for
the world if ever boys-
should cease to be beaten.
That may well be your medical
opinion, Dr. Clive,
but I can see no useful purpose
served by thrashing a young boy
-within an inch of his life.
-Come, come, Mr. Hornblower.
A little tincture of laudanum
for the pain...
and all will soon be forgotten.
Forgotten, maybe, Dr. Clive.
But, forgiven?
Careful, Mr. Hornblower.
I've had the good fortune-
to serve the captain for over
15 years, and he has inspired-
nothing but loyalty in the men
under his command.
And that, too, is your medical
opinion, is it, Dr. Clive?
Article 19: "If any person in or
belonging to the fleet-
shall make, or endeavor to make,
any mutinous assembly-
upon any pretense whatsoever,
every person-
offending herein and being convicted
thereof by the sentence-
of the court martial shall
suffer death.
And if any person shall utter
any words of sedition or mutiny,-
they shall suffer death.
And if any officer, mariner or
soldier shall behave himself-
with contempt to his
superior officer...
or shall disobey any lawful command,
every such person
shall suffer death."
And I'll have you all know that
these articles apply-
to my officers as much as
to anyone else.
-Carry on, Mr. Buckland.
-Aye, aye, sir.
Division officers,
dismiss your divisions.
-Mr. Buckland.
Half-duty Sunday, today.
Double rum for all these good men.
"Extra rum for the crew."
"This rule applies to my officers."
It's an interesting method of
fostering cooperation in the crew
Have you ever come across it before?
No, I most certainly have not.
Perhaps Captain Sawyer's methods
will prove consistent-
in the end.
Perhaps it's only an impression.
The erratic nature of his command
How do you find it?
Most erratic, to say the least.
Thank-you, sir. I needed reassurance
that I was not misjudging-
-the captain's mental powers.
-Not at all.
That is to say, probably not.
I suppose it's a matter for
Dr. Clive to pronounce him.
That would be the appropriate
course, yes.
Good evening, gentlemen.
You are the officer of the watch,
are you not, Mr. Hornblower?
If you'll excuse me, sir,
I'm needed up on deck.
Well, waste not, want not.
Put that back.
Put that back.
Or do you want me to smarten
up that big ugly face of yours?
Randall, put it back.
Mr. Hornblower.
-Well-rested, I trust.
-Sir, I'm
Asleep on watch, you're as
good as dead already.
I'll take you out and hang you
by the neck,
I do believe your life is in my hands
You fear me, sir?
I've always held you in
the highest regard, sir.
I was once like you,...young,
a danger to fellow officers.
-You would shoot me where I stand.
-Captain Sawyer, please.
-Don't trifle with me, sir.
-Shoot me.
-Stop that!
You, too, Dr. Clive?
-Is there no one I can trust?
-You should be in bed, sir.
Give it to me.
You could do yourself an injury, sir.
Come, I shall give you something
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