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Hobbs, lay aft here.
Mr. Hobbs, your recklessness nearly
injured one of the ships-
senior officers; not to mention
damaging vital supplies.
Don't use that tone of voice
when replying to an order.
Aye, aye, sir.
Perhaps if the men were better
supervised, these accidents-
wouldn't happen, Mr. Hornblower.
Captain's coming off, sir!
Quite right.
Run for'ard and tell Mr. Buckland.
Boswain's mates, sideboys,
lively now!
Marine guard, present arms!
-Lieutenant Bush come aboard,sir
-You came in my absense,did you?
-I did, sir.
-Did you report to the
first lieutenant?
-In my absense,you should have
reported to Mr. Buckland.
Mr. Buckland, why did Mr. Bush
not report to you?
I'm very sorry,sir. I was unaware
that Mr.Bush had come aboard.
He should have made himself
known, sir.
I was forward, inspecting
the anchor cables.
-Mr. Bush?
-I arrived only a few minutes
before you, sir.
I wished to present myself
And may I say, sir, what an honour
it is to serve-
under a captain with so
distinguished a record?
-Well, Mr. Bush, you are welcome.
-Thank-you, sir.
In time, you may indeed thank me.
Very well.
You don't know Captain Sawyer, then?
I know his reputation.
As a fighting captain, or as a man?
-What are you implying, Mr?
-Kennedy, sir; fourth lieutenant.
Well, Mr.Kennedy, I don't think
I much care for your tone, sir.
Mr. Kennedy was merely
making conversation,
weren't you, Mr. Kennedy?
-Now, let me show you the wardroom.
-Very good of you.
I don't think I much care
for your tone, sir.
What an honour to serve under
a captain with such a record,sir.
That's enough, Mr. Wellard.
Now, get below and find out what
that hullabaloo is all about,
before it brings the captain
down on us again.
Yeah, I pushed the little devil
off the yardarm. Who cares?
Silence!!  Do you hear me?
Mr. Matthews, you're the boatswain.
Will you-
get them to stop
this blinkin' racket?
Right.  What's going on here?
You, Randall, what's all this?
Just settling a little difference
of opinion, you might say.
Captain Sawyer loves a little bit of
bare knuckle between-
the men. It keeps them ready
for the real thing, he says
Come on, Mr. Matthews, get them
to break this up.
Aye, aye, Mr. Wellard.
Come on now.
Hold hard there, Mr. Matthews.
This hasn't been settled, yet.
The captain wouldn't like it if he
knew we were interfering-
-with the men's sport,would he?
-The captain doesn't need-
-to know does he,Mr.Hobbs?
-Yeah, not unless some little toady
-Randall, break it up, now.
-Make me, little boy.
Sir!  Randall, you call him sir!
Any man, any man, Mr. Hobbs, who
thinks differently had better
remember the punishment for
disobeying a superior officer.
-Tell them, Matthews.
-Death, sir.
Indeed, death.
And best you all remember it.
Get the ship underway,
if you please, Mr. Buckland.
Aye, aye, sir.
Loose the heads'ls!
Hands aloft to loose the tops'ls!
-Carry on, Mr. Bush.
Put your backs into it!
-Mr. Hornblower.
Set a course to weather The Lizard
and then southwest, sir.
Weather The Lizard and
southwest, it is, sir.
South by west a quarter west.
Well, gentlemen,...
it's the West Indies
for us.  Santo Domingo.
The blacks are in rebellion there.
Very good Mr.Hornblower,very good.
Gentlemen, we can certainly-
rely on Mr. Hornblower to keep us
abreast of current events.
Yes, a slave rebellion.
They're uprising-
against their Spanish masters,
started by that darned
dangerous French revolutionary
Liberty, fraternity, stupidity.
You're not a revolutionary,
are you, Mr. Hornblower?
-Indeed I am not, sir.
We know how to deal with them
in His Majesty's ships, don't we?
Santo Domingo, gentlemen.There is
a nest of Spanish privateers-
right here in Samana Bay menacing
our trade-
through the Mona Strait. It's
our task to clear the vermin out.
It's a far cry
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