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Helm hard a larboard!
And so the ship was saved.
Yes, sir.
It was Dr. Clive's opinion
that Captain Sawyer-
was unfit to command?
Reluctantly, yes;
that was his opinion.
Well, that's something, at least.
But, you do realize, sir,
it's your word against his.
It was for the good of
the Service, sir;
-and for the safety of the ship.
-By God, Mr. Hornblower,-
I hope you can back that up with
solid evidence because from-
where I'm standing, I wouldn't lay
great odds on an acquittal.
No, sir.
-I'm afraid you're right
-So, you say Captain Sawyer's
-was due to falling down the hatchway
-That's what seemed-
to push him over the edge, sir.
That's a very interesting choice
of words, Mr. Hornblower.
How did the captain come to fall?

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