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-plugged up, then meet us up on deck.
-Aye, aye, sir.
-Mr. Buckland, you all right,sir?
-We're aground.
-Fast aground.
-We'll have to get her off with
the anchors.
-Where is the captain, sir?
-He's gone to earth somewhere.
I've sent young Wellard to
look for the doctor.
Where the hell is he?
We'll need to get a cable out
through a stern port.
Well, Matthews can do that, sir.
I'll take a boat, and stand by
under the stern to take the cable
if you'll bring the anchor
round in the launch.  Mr. Kennedy
can man the capstan.
-Very good.
-Styles, you come with me.
-Give us plenty of slack, Matthews.
-Aye, aye, sir.
-More slack!
-Come on, men!
Now give way together.
Sir, if you please, the captain
was in a very bad way.
-I do beg you to go to him.
-In a minute.  In a minute.
More ligatures.
Stretch out, Mr. Hornblower.
Stretch out.
Row, darn you, row!
Come on, quickly. We're going to lose
the anchor, come on!
She's ready to go, come on.
Quickly, men!
Feed it through the anchor ring!
Quickly, she's going to go down!
-Quick, she' gonna go! She's going.
-Pull it over the stock.
She's going down!  Quickly!
I'm drowning!  Mr. Hornblower,
my arm's trapped!
-Anchor's let go, sir!
-Heave away, there!  Heave away, men!
Powder monkeys!
Where are the powder monkeys?
Mr. Bush.
They pushed me, that's what they did.
Pushed me.  Mutiny.
By God.  It is mutiny.
-Come on men, the ship's at stake!
-Heave, men!
Heave and wake the dead!
Move those bodies there.
Stay to your post.  Get up!
Move the capstan back!
Where is he?  Where is he?
He's over there somewhere.
Mr. Wellard, find Sergeant Whiting.
Bring him here with four of his men.
Quickly, now.
Captain Sawyer, sir, it's me
Dr. Clive.
I was right.
Heave, darn it! Heave!
Do you want to sit here-
till the next tide while they shoot
us to pieces?  Heave!
-Did you feel it?
-When the guns fired.
It must have broken the suction.
Double shot the guns.
-I'll tell Buckland.
-Double shot the guns!
Mr.Hornblower,what's happening below?
-If we miss this tide we're finished
-Mr.Bush's compliments,sir
We're about to fire every
gun double-shotted.
But, we can't elevate the guns
enough even to hit the fort.
Recoil may shake us free, sir.
There, there he is.
He's one of them.
Mutineers, all of them.
You're under arrest-
for mutiny and treason!
Now, Sergeant Whiting, do your duty.
The priority is to refloat
the ship, sir.
What?  So we should, yes.
Mr. Wellard, my respects to Mr. Bush.
Tell him to carry on.
Stay there, you puppy!
I give the orders here!
-Mr. Wellard, if you please.
-Aye, aye, sir.
Do your duty, Sergeant.
Darn your eyes, do your duty
or by God, I will.
Dr. Clive, is the captain fit
to command this vessel?
-You know it's not as simple as that.
-Arrest him!
Dr.Clive,if you continue to
prevaricate, we shall all die here.
-I'll count to three
-Sir, I beg you.
One, Two!
-You're endangering the ship, sir.
Dr. Clive!
-All right, yes!
Keep it going now, heave!
-What happened?
-Sergeant Whiting,
the captain has been declared
unfit for command.
Please disarm him and
escort him below.
We're coming off!
Stand by the sheets!
Horatio, what's going on?
The doctor has finally decided
that the captain-
-is unfit to command.
-It was under duress.
Did you or did you not declare
the captain unfit for command?
You were being threatened with
a pistol, for God's sake!
-By whom?
-By the captain.
-Take him to his cabin.
-You'll swing for this. You all will.
Tell me, Mr. Hornblower,
did you know that the captain-
-had fired his pistol?
-No, sir.
Oh, I see.
We were hard aground, sir.
We were as good as dead already.
-You just took a gamble
-They seemed reasonable
enough odds,sir.
-Ready when you are, sir.
-Mr. Bush?
You're in command of
the Renown now, sir.
Yes.  Very well.
Let's get this ship underway
before the Dons sink us.
-Raise sheets and tack!
-Home, mails'l
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