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-Helpful be darned.
I served with him on 3 ships.
I know him!
-The man's a hero.
-You're drunk, darn it, drunk.
Dr. Clive, we are less than
2 days' sail away from Samana Bay,
where we are to see action.
It is vital that you declare-
the captain unfit to command
this ship and for it to be noted.
You will please satisfy us as
to this point.
Darned if I will.
There he is, you decide.
Satisfy yourselves!
It may be a useful, cautionary
measure, sir, if Mr. Kennedy-
were to note Dr. Clive's inebriated
It may be that he is
incapable himself-
of carrying out his duties.
Too slow, gentlemen.
And we need to be faster-
-when we engage the enemy!
-Call yourselves a gun crew?
We'll be blown out of the water!
Right, let's show these bastards
how it should be done, eh?
-Gun ready, Mr. Hornblower.
-Run her out!
-Gun ready, Mr. Bush!
-Run her out!
One minute, 35, Mr Bush,
to my one minute 28.
-But not good enough.
You're a real taskmaster,
Mr. Hornblower.
We'll make a crew out of them,
yet, Mr. Bush.
-Much better, gentlemen.
-We're getting there, sir.
You unwell, Mr. Hornblower?
No, sir...
but I have a request, sir.
-He wants to do what?
-That's what he said.
Well, whoever heard of that?
Come and look at this.
Could you do that?
Hey, stop that Styles!
Pump, you sons of sea cooks, pump!
They're pumping as hard
as they can, sir.
This is my ship, not a public
bath house!
Mr. Buckland, you will arrest
-Bush, Hornblower and Kennedy.
Arrest them!  Unless you care
to join them!
Very well.  Sergeant Whiting.
Sir!  Come along, gentlemen.
And clap them in arms like
the mutinous dogs they are.
Santo Domingo
Saman Bay
By the mark...Five!
And a quarter less five!
Deep four!
And a half four!
It's no good, sir.
We'll never bring the guns to bear.
The fort's too high up.
-Get away!  Get away!
Sir, I beg you.  We are standing
in to terrible danger.
By the mark three!
There is only a few feet
of water under us, sir.
We must turn now,
before it's too late.
No, no, I don't want to.
I want to fight them.
Then at least let me release
the other lieutenants.
Without them there will be no one
to command the guns.
Oh, no, you don't, Mr. Buckland.
I know what you want.
They'll stay just where they are.
We're going to come under
fire at any minute.
Why doesn't Buckland do something?
Most of the hands-
would back him up.
They're not stupid.
Hobbs, come here now!
For God sake, man, this is madness.
Get us out of here.
'Can't do that sir. You know I can't.
You can't work the guns
on your own, Hobbs.
-You need us, Hobbs.
-I can't.
Hobbs, get us out of here now.
That's an order.
-Darn, I thought we had him there.
-We did.
That's it!  That's more like it!
Return fire, Mr. Buckland.
We cannot elevate the guns
enough, sir.
I said, "Return fire" or by God
I will!
-Engage the enemy, Mister.
A quarter less three!
This is my ship!
What the devil?
We're aground. God help us.
We're aground.
Styles.  Come on!
Heated shot!
They're using heated shot!
I wouldn't worry, Mr. Kennedy.
We'll drown long before we burn.
Ahoy there!  Ahoy there!
Go, grab ahold.   Hold tight.
Why is it I can never find you
when I need you?
Get Clive.  Get the doctor.
And tell him to bring
a straight jacket.
-Where do you think you're going?
-No, you don't!
-Oh Randall, get out of my way.
-Make me.
Two, six, heave!
-Hold him down.
-Mr. Buckland's compliments
and will you-
-please come to the quarterdeck?
-My respects to-
the first lieutenant,but no,
it's impossible.You see why,surely
-The captain, sir, he's not himself.
-Is he wounded?
-No, sir, but
-Well, these men are!
Now pass me that sword.
Stand back, gents.
We'll soon have you out of there.
Do your stuff, Styles.
Thank-you, Matthews.  Now, find
the carpenter and get that hole
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