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They did the same thing
to Jim Hopper.
I want Hawkins' body found.
Sweep pattern. Double back.
50 meters. Let's go.
Come on in, you fuckers.
Come on in.
Old Painless is waiting.
Mother fucker!
Mother fucker!
You mother fucker!
What happened?
I saw it.
-You saw what?
-I saw it.
No powder burns, no shrapnel.
The wound's all fused,
What the hell could have
done this to a man?
Mac, look at me!
Who did this?
I don't know, goddamn it.
I saw s-something.
Not a thing,
not a fucking trace.
No blood, no bodies.
We hit nothing.
better get on the radio.
-Yes, sir.
I want a defensive position
above that ridge...
mined with everything we've got.
Put him in his poncho.
Take him with us.
I got him.
I set up flares, frags,
and claymores.
Nothing's coming near this place
without tripping on something.
Thank you, sergeant.
He was a good soldier.
He was, um...
my friend.
Good-bye, bro.
Blazer one, I repeat,
extraction necessary.
Say again, Blazer one.
Say again.
Request for extraction denied.
Area is still compromised.
Proceed to sector 3,000
for prisoner extraction.
Priority, out.
Next contact 0930.
Roger, Blazer one.
1030 hours.
Damn bastards.
They say we're still in too far,
and they can't risk coming in.
We're assets, Dillon.
Expendable assets.
It comes with the job.
I can accept it.
You're just like the rest of us.
Shitload of good a chopper's
gonna do us in here anyhow.
Sergeant! Sergeant!
Who hit us today?
I don't know.
I only saw one of them
He was there.
Those eyes disappeared.
What was that?
Those eyes, they...
they disappeared.
I know one thing, Major.
I drew down
and fired straight at it.
Capped off 200 rounds
in the minigun...
Full pack.
nothing on this earth
could have lived.
Not at that range.
Mac, you take first watch...
then you get some rest, OK?
Ask her what she saw.
Ask her what happened
to Hawkins.
Go ahead, ask her.
Qu pas hoy?
Qu fue lo que viste?
Te dijo lo que s.
Fue la selva que se lo llev.
Qu ms quiere que te diga?
Same fucking thing.
The jungle,
it came alive and took him.
Billy, you know something.
What is it?
I'm scared, Poncho.
You ain't afraid of no man.
There's something out there
waiting for us...
and it ain't no man.
We're all gonna die.
The man's losing it.
He's losing his cool.
Nothing but a couple guys
running around....
and we gotta take 'em.
Still don't understand,
Dillon, do you?
Whatever it is out there,
it killed Hopper...
and now it wants us.
Here we are again, bro...
just you and me.
Same kind of moon,
same kind of jungle.
Real number-ten night, remember?
Whole platoon...
32 men chopped into meat...
and we walk out,
just you and me.
Nobody else.
Right on top of them.
Not a scratch.
Not a fucking scratch.
You know, whoever got you...
he'll come back again,
and when he does...
I'm going to cut your name
right into him.
I'm going to cut your name
into him.
-What the hell is it?
Where are you?
Over here!
Mac, where are you?
Mac, where are you?
I got you, mother fucker.
I killed you, you fuck.
Jesus, you killed a pig.
Think you could have
found something bigger?
Fuck you, Poncho. Fuck you.
Where's the girl?
Aw, shit!
Why the hell
wasn't anybody watching her?
Why didn't she try to get away?
Look at her.
She's scared out of her mind.
you better take a look at this.
Blain's body, it's gone.
It came in through
the tripwires.
Took it right out
from under our noses.
That boar had to set off
a tripflare...
because there ain't
no other tracks.
How could anyone
get through this...
and carry out Blain
without us knowing it?
Why didn't he try and kill
one of us?
He came to get the body.

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