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in the crane
when the light flared.
When it did, every insect in the jungle
would attack the lights, flying to its doom.
There would be a 12-foot ball of insects!
We'd have someone up there every half-hour
and they'd all come down,
insane over the insects!
Stunt Coordinator/Second-Unit Director
Craig Baxley:
Don McAlpine is one of
the best DPs in the business.
John was very fortunate to have him.
I think he learned a lot.
Who wouldn't?
Don is a very talented and gifted man.
Some say he took John
to film school on Predator.
Special Effects Coordinator
Al Di Sarro's thoughts on McAlpine:
Very smart man. An interesting man.
Actually in the process of building
a home in Australia - underground.
It was his dream.
Screenwriters Jim and John Thomas:
( Jim) We were down in Mexico for
about four months during the shoot.
We were delighted. It was our first
experience with anything like this.
Some scenes were reworked
or eliminated because of time or budget,
but a lot of it was just being around
and dealing with the actors.
We consulted with props,
make-up effects and special effects
about weapons, techniques
and what this would look like.
In that kind of situation,
everybody had to rely on each other
because the conditions were so arduous.
( John) Poor Richard Chaves.
He backed up against a tree
between takes to take a rest.
The tree was occupied
by a colony of fire ants
that crawled down the back of
his costume and started attacking him.
All of a sudden this guy was
shrieking at the top of his lungs.
We couldn't figure out what was wrong.
We finally had to tackle him.
We tore his clothes off
and there were these ants
that had really taken a chunk out of him.
So you have to be careful.
It's real jungle, it's the real thing.
( Jim) But it was a good experience
all the way around.
John McTiernan is widely acknowledged
as an excellent craftsman.
As such, he communicates information
visually, as in this shot.
Though Dutch doesn't move at first,
the camera puts him in a new position
as his mind-set changes.
McTiernan uses the camera similarly
with Jan de Bont in "Die Hard"
and with Peter Menzies in "Die Hard
with a Vengeance", among others.
Stunt Coordinator/Second-Unit Director
Craig Baxley:
John McTiernan's attitude
was actually an incentive.
It drove us to get that amount
of work done in that short a time.
We didn't have stuntmen
going back to their trailers.
They were digging holes, helping
the effects men, anything to help get it done.
We all knew we had something special.
That's the way I worked,
and those are the kinds of people I hire.
I don't want prima donnas.
It wasn't a show for prima donnas.
I've always gravitated towards
intelligent, gifted athletes
who share a passion for concepts
that create the illusion of something new.
Al Di Sarro on the relationship between
a Special Effects Coordinator
and a Stunt Coordinator.
That relationship is
an extremely important one
because it can affect the outcome
of some very dangerous gags.
I look to them to find out
what their needs are
and I look to my department
to service their wants.
We were a finely oiled machine.
Craig Baxley quickly earned
the respect of my whole crew.
I don't think there was ever a day
that Mr Baxley didn't have time
to come to the back of
that effects truck and thank everybody.
When we'd break for lunch,
my guys would get some food in 'em
and go right back to work.
And they'd be doing it for the Bax.
Screenwriter John Thomas
remembers working with Baxley:
His nickname down there
was "Dude Commando".
That was a name
Al Di Sarro coined for him.
Baxley had a silver pompadour,
and was always wearing jungle fatigues.
( Jim Thomas) "Dude Commando".
He's a great guy.
( John Thomas) It stuck.
(Baxley) One day, when the


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