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He cracked open his skull, in order to remove bits of his brain
This way he tried to free him self from his own perceptions
There were 8 nails found within his brain tissues
Just before that, he killed his girlfriend, because...
Hmm, let me quote it please...
"She had no soul"
He said that the correctly 'placed' nails helped him see the truth.
This 'gift' as he said, helped him realize the deep truth behind many aspects of life
However it was so painful, that he had to resort to improvised brain surgery.
...Paranoia delirium...
Well not just that...
70% of the grey substance was damaged and could not be replaced
The cut out part of his frontal bone was replaced with a Titanium metal plate.
He has already fully lost his eyesight, memory and ability to hear.
He shows no signs of discomfort about it.
In that case, maybe we should turn off the lights

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