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you can come. Goodbye.
I have to go to rehearsals.
Our train leaves early tomorrow morning.
- Our train?
- Yes, for Vienna.
- Vienna?
- You're coming with me.
- Of course you are.
- But I can't.
I'd give my soul to go, but I can't.
- Why couldn't you?
- I'll try. There might be some way.
- Flix, is it money?
- Of course.
I have money.
I have enough for both of us.
No. That would spoil everything.
I'll manage somehow. I'll get it.
I have a whole day. I'll be on the train.
I shall dance, and you'll be with me.
Then we'll go to Tremezzo.
I have a villa there.
The sun will shine.
I'll take a vacation,
six weeks, eight weeks. I don't know.
We'll be happy and lazy.
And then we'll go to South America.
It will be divine.
- Be careful going to your room.
- I'll be on the train with the money.
Don't do anything foolish.
- I'm alarmed about you.
- Don't worry. I'll be on the train.
Hurry, Suzette.
A bright dress. It's a sunny morning.
Meierheim is canceling
the Vienna engagement.
Meierheim is mad.
You are mad. We're all mad.
Suzette, come.
Gru, you're positively radiant.
Pimenov, I have an idea, a ballet.
It must have mad music...
But I'll speak with you later.
You go to the theater.
I want a full rehearsal,
ballet, full orchestra...
- Come, Suzette.
- But, Madame...
Will you get me
Baron von Geigern, please?
Yes. Baron von Geigern.
Chri, it's you.
No, nothing.
Good morning.
Just to tell you that I'm happy.
I'll have something sweet and cold, please.
- Louisiana Flip, sir?
- Louisiana Flip?
Yes, that sounds very nice. Thank you.
What do you do in the Grand Hotel?
Eat, sleep, loaf around...
flirt a little, dance a little.
A hundred doors leading to one hall.
No one knows anything
about the person next to them.
And when you leave,
someone occupies your room...
lies in your bed.
That's the end.
Let me say again, for the tenth time...
you people were quite ready
for the merger.
You declared yourself fully agreed
on all the terms.
Why should the signing of these articles
be suddenly held up?
I'll admit that we were at one time
anxious for this merger.
But since then, the Preysing Company
has fallen on evil days.
- Evil days?
- Very evil days.
Say, listen.
Haven't I just shown you here...
what my firm exports to the Balkans?
50,000 marks worth of mop rags
each and every year.
Mop rags.
We're interested
in something entirely different.
- What?
- Shall I tell them again?
Why waste time? It's getting late.
- You see...
- We're going home.
But Mr. Preysing has too great a regard
for the certainty...
You've been talking all day.
You're hoarse now.
Good night, Preysing.
You have decided against the merger?
- Yes.
- The deal is off?
- Here's your coat, sir.
- Thank you.
- Here, let me help you.
- Thank you.
Preysing, I hope you pull through.
It's a very bad time
to be in such a crisis. Sorry.
- Dining in town?
- No, I have to get my train.
Here! So you're breaking off
the negotiations.
All right.
But don't you think for one moment
that I'm such a fool...
as not to have something
to say about Manchester.
What? Manchester?
No. The deal is over.
Good night, gentlemen.
If you have something definite
to say about Manchester, we might...
I'm at liberty to announce at this time
that the deal between my firm...
and the Manchester Cotton Company...
has been successfully negotiated.
Are you joking?
Under those circumstances...
- Where are those articles?
- I thought it was all over.
Under these circumstances,
it's a different matter.
Yes, but under these circumstances
we might refuse to sign now.
Now, come, come.
Business is business. Now, I'll sign in here.
Preysing, you sign here.
We should celebrate this
with a bottle of wine.
Good night. We'll see you next week
and settle all the details.
- Next week. Yes.
- Come on.
Good night, Preysing. You're a sly one.
- Dr. Waitz?
- Yes.
I'll be at

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