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could come to me.
FLAEMM: We'll catch the first train
to Paris. Order two tickets now. Come on.
[Otto crying]
OTTO: I can't.
Hello, porter?
Yes, please.
I'd like two tickets to Paris.
What time does the next train leave?
- He'll be on the train.
- But how do you know?
Baron von Geigern has left?
When? How long ago?
The Baron left about half an hour ago.
Gru, come, come. We'll lose the train.
PIMENOV: Come along.
LIFT OPERATOR: Here you are, sir.
DRUNK: I'm sorry.
BELLBOY: Mme. Grusinskaya's car.
MEIERHEIM: Come along,
the train will be going.
PIMENOV: What is it, Gru?
MEIERHEIM: Please come, madam.
GRUSINSKAYA: I'll ask myself.
PIMENOV: What is the use?
- He'll be on the train. He'll be there.
- Have you seen Baron von Geigern?
CLERK: The Baron is not here, madam.
- We haven't any time to waste.
- He'll be on the train.
MEIERHEIM: We have a rehearsal
in Vienna tomorrow.
The sun. It'll be sunny in Tremezzo.
We'll have a guest, Suzette. Yes?
HOFFMAN: Grand Hotel!
The Grand Hotel, sweetheart.
This way, precious.
Take the car to the garage.
Take the bags in, please.
Come, darling.
Good morning.
CLERK: Will you kindly register?
HOFFMAN: Certainly.
Mr. And Mrs. Hoffman.
PORTER: Head porter's desk.
Mr. Senf? Just a moment. Hospital.
Hello. Yes, head porter.
- Yes.
- What's the matter?
The child has come. It's a boy.
- And your wife?
- My wife is well.
Hello. Hospital?
I'll be with you on lunch hour.
CLERK: These rooms are not taken.
176, 170, 168, 166.
MANAGER: Is Your Excellency leaving?
OTTO: A cab.
MANAGER: Fetch a cab.
OTTO: My bill, and the lady's too.
- Have you got your tickets?
- My tickets.
- Tickets for Mr. Kringelein.
- Thank you.
CLERK: Your forwarding address?
The Grand Hotel, in Paris.
How do you know there will be one?
There's a Grand Hotel
everywhere in the world.
- Goodbye, Mr. Kringelein.
- Goodbye, Doctor.
Pain's gone already?
Pain. I have none, Doctor.
OTTO: Goodbye.
HOFFMAN: My luggage.
BELLBOY: Telegram.
OTTO: I beg your pardon.
Where's the money?
Hurry. We'll miss that train.
Got your bags now?
Come along. Here you are.
FLAEMM: Come on.
MANAGER: Goodbye, Your Excellency.
FLAEMM: Goodbye!
BELLBOY: Your hat, sir.
FLAEMM: Goodbye. I'm coming.
Please be careful of that.
DOORMAN: Friedrichstrasse Station.
Grand Hotel. Always the same.
People come, people go.
Nothing ever happens.
[Solemn instrumental music]
[Lively instrumental music]
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