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Six weeks in Tremezzo.
I'm going to live like a real woman...
perfectly simple, perfectly quiet,
perfectly happy.
- Yes, Madame.
- We'll have a guest.
SUZETTE: Certainly, Madame.
But Madame must sleep now.
The train will soon go.
I suppose so.
Call Baron von Geigern's room, please.
[Telephone ringing]
Keep ringing. He must be asleep.
Come and fetch me, chri...
Im longing for you.
I haven't been asleep.
I kept thinking that you might come to me.
But he must answer. Ring!
Why don't you answer the phone, please?
Yes. Ring.
Where are you?
[Men singing]
[Men laughing]
MAN #1: Thirty-four!
MAN #1: Forty-two.
MAN #2: Let's go to work, boys.
MAN #1: Forty-four.
[Men laughing]
MAN #1: Forty-four, forty-six pounds.
PREYSING: Are these things necessary?
POLICEMAN: I'm afraid so, Mr. Preysing.
All right.
CLERK: We've taken care of all that,
Mr. Preysing.
The night porter's gone. You're late.
SENF: I was at the clinic the whole night.
- My wife, poor girl.
- The child hasn't come yet?
No. But I mustn't let it interfere
with my duty.
MAN: You won't forget?
PORTER: No, sir.
- I'm going now.
- Yes, Doctor.
- What's this?
- A killing in 166.
Killing? Who?
The big manufacturer Preysing
killed Baron von Geigern.
SENF: Good heavens! What for?
- I don't know.
- That's terrible!
- He was a nice fellow.
- They say he was a thief.
I don't believe it. He was a real gentleman.
I know people.
I'm so tired
I can't hardly see out of my eyes.
No sleep for two nights, here all day,
and now this killing at the hotel.
HEAD BELLBOY: Halt! Front!
SENF: Good morning.
ALL: Good morning.
SENF: Show your hands. Hands. Over.
SENF: Change those gloves.
BELLBOY #1: Yes.
SENF: Dismissed.
Too bad about the Baron.
You always felt better
when he came along.
SENF: Always friendly, an agreeable fellow.
PORTER: I'll tell you a funny thing about...
Be quiet. Good morning, madam.
Where are you taking that dog?
- Baron von Geigern.
- Give it to me.
Better take charge of this dog.
It belonged to the Baron.
Yes, sir.
- They have taken him away?
- Yes. Wasn't it terrible?
Madame must not know. You understand?
Madame must not know!
All right, I can tell it to the maids,
but I can't answer for downstairs.
- Are you all right, Miss Flaemmchen?
- Yes.
I was just thinking about the Baron.
Lying there, with his eyes so open.
You loved the Baron, didn't you?
So did l.
He was friendly to me as no man ever was.
What if he was a burglar?
- They don't kill a man for that.
- He was desperate.
He was?
He tried to raise money all day.
And he laughed, poor devil.
And a man like Preysing has to kill him.
You know, I didn't like Preysing right off.
Why did you have anything
to do with him?
- Money.
- Money.
- You don't understand that, do you?
- Yes, I do.
- Do you really?
- Yes, I do.
I could take care of you,
Miss Flaemmchen, if you'd let me.
I have enough money.
There's 10,200 marks in this pocketbook...
and there's 3,400 that I won last night.
That would last a long time.
I could win some more. We could travel.
FLAEMM: Travel?
OTTO: Yes, to Paris.
FLAEMM: I've always wanted to go there.
OTTO: Anywhere you like. Here.
I'll give you this money
I won last night. 3,400...
- and then later you can have some more.
- Later?
Yes, when l...
Im ill, Flaemmchen.
I won't live long. Will you stay with me?
That's nonsense!
We'll find a great doctor. He'll cure you.
- They can cure anything these days.
- You think so?
FLAEMM: Of course. You'll see. Here.
Do you think you'd have
as good a time with me...
as you did with Preysing?
FLAEMM: Why, of course.
OTTO: Really?
OTTO: You like me better than him?
You're a good man, Mr. Kringelein.
A very good man.
You know, I never thought
anything so beautiful

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