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through that head.
If you do that you'll get nothing,
except maybe the police after you.
MAN: Mme. Grusinskaya's car!
If you wait, Ill pay you back your 5,000...
Ill see you later.
Go on, Suzette.
Are you coming to the theater?
I shall dance tonight. How I shall dance!
I want to feel that you're there.
I came too far.
- I'm worried about you.
- Don't be.
- You'll be on the train?
- Yes.
- Until then.
- Bless you.
- Was the Baron joking?
- What?
- Is it really true?
- What are you talking about, Kringelein?
Is the Baron really in financial straits?
To tell you the truth, I must get
some money somehow right away.
- If the Baron will permit me.
- What?
I'd be awfully glad to oblige.
You've been very decent to me.
Three hundred?
If I could get into a game of some kind,
I think I might win.
Gambling! I'd love that!
I've got over 6,800 marks right here.
If we could scare up some men to play.
- We could go up to my room.
- That's a grand idea.
Come on.
- Cab, miss?
- What?
- Cab?
- No, thanks. I'll walk.
BARON: 4,000 marks.
DEALER: 4,000!
BARON: Too high?
DEALER: 4,000 marks.
DEALER: Want a card?
BARON: Please.
PLAYER #1: 8,000 marks.
OTTO: 8,000!
BARON: I take it all.
PLAYER #2: That's a lot of money.
I need it, thanks.
DEALER: Want a card?
BARON: Please.
PLAYER #2: Too bad there.
[Men chattering]
- Now, Mr. Kringelein.
- Baron!
Will you help me again, please?
I think you'd better help me, Kringelein.
- Make your bets, gentlemen.
- How much shall I bet?
BARON: How much is left in the bank?
BANKER: 2,500 uncovered.
- Do you feel like going that far?
- All that money, Baron?
Come on, you're killing them tonight.
Go ahead, old man.
Do you want a card?
What have you got?
The old highwayman. He has nine again.
I win again!
Come on, gentlemen. Please drink! Drink.
It's wonderful and sweet champagne!
Mr. Kringelein, care to take the bank?
Yes! Surely. I'll take everything.
I'll take anything.
Come on, now. Drink, gentlemen.
Please drink some champagne.
It's expensive and good.
What will I take the bank for?
- I'll play for 500.
- Baron, all at once?
Suppose you lose it?
It's all the same thing, Kringelein.
Come on, now, old man.
Deal me two cards.
One to me first. One to yourself.
One to me. One to yourself.
Baron, if all that money...
What have you got?
I've got a nine!
Isn't that a wonderful thing?
Kringelein, you old robber,
you're hopeless.
Baron! Baron, please.
It's no use, old man. It's sweet of you...
- but you have all the luck.
- It's true.
I have luck, for the first time in my life!
I have luck!
Baron, are you out?
Have you finished playing?
Yes, thank you.
I'll recover again presently,
in 10 or 20 years.
OTTO: Look, Doctor. I've won again!
PLAYER #3: There you are.
OTTO: Baron, I win and drink,
and drink and win!
Gentlemen, please don't go.
Be my guests. Don't go. I beg your pardon.
I know I oughtn't to presume,
but Im so grateful to you.
It's been so marvelous.
For the first time in my life,
Ive gambled and Ive danced.
You gentlemen can laugh...
but for the first time in my life,
Ive tasted life!
- Splendid!
- Life is wonderful, but it's very dangerous.
If you have the courage to live it,
it's marvelous.
PLAYER #4: Wonderful!
OTTO: You don't know about that.
You're healthy and happy.
But l, believe me...
if a man doesn't know death,
he doesn't know life.
PLAYER #5: It's a short life, but a gay one.
OTTO: Please, gentlemen, don't go.
Come on. Drink to life...
to the magnificent, dangerous...
brief, wonderful life.
BARON: Kringelein!
OTTO: And the courage to live it.
You know, Ive only lived since last night...
but that little while seems longer
than all the time that's gone before.
All of...
Take him over to his bed.
Turn him around.
BARON: How is he, Doctor?
DOCTOR: It will be over in a minute.
OTTO: Over?
OTTO: It's only

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