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slave for you...
for 320 marks a month.
- Go away, please. You are annoying.
- You don't like to see me enjoying myself.
When a man's working himself to death,
that's what he's paid for.
You don't care if a man
can live on his wages or not.
You have a very regular scale of wages,
and there's the sick fund for you.
OTTO: What a scale, and what a fund.
When I was sick for four weeks...
you wrote me a letter
telling me Id be discharged...
if I were sick any longer.
Did you write me that letter or not?
I have no idea of the letters that I write.
I know that you are here
in the Grand Hotel, living like a lord.
You are probably an embezzler.
- An embezzler!
- Yes, an embezzler.
You are going to take that back!
Right here in the presence
of this young lady!
Who do you think you're talking to?
You think Im dirt?
If Im dirt, you're a lot dirtier...
Mr. Industrial Magnate Preysing!
PREYSING: You're discharged.
FLAEMM: You can't do that.
I don't know the man or what he wants.
I never saw him before.
I know you.
I've kept your books for you,
and I know all about you.
If one of your employees
was half as stupid in a small way...
OTTO: As you are in a big way...
PREYSING: What do you mean?
MAN #1: Gentlemen, please! Please!
MAN #2: Stop that!
PREYSING: You're discharged! You hear?
OTTO: Wait!
You can't discharge me.
I'm my own master...
for the first time in my life.
You can't discharge me. I'm sick.
I'm going to die. You understand?
I'm going to die, and nobody
can do anything to me anymore.
Nothing can happen to me anymore.
Before I can be discharged, Ill be dead!
The man's crazy.
I don't know him. He's annoying.
- Baron!
- Excuse me.
BARON: What is it? What's happened?
FLAEMM: He's ill.
- I'm sorry, Baron.
- Poor old Kringelein. You're all right.
- Give him some whiskey.
- No.
A Louisiana Flip.
SENF: Five minutes to 7:00.
Time drags when you're tired.
I was in the hospital the whole night,
walking up and down the corridor.
They wouldn't let me see her.
And I have to stay chained to this desk.
PORTER: Did you find that lady
for Mr. Preysing?
BELLBOY: Yes, they're over there.
PORTER: That's all.
His secretary.
Come on, waiter.
[Soft instrumental music]
- Would you like a little cognac?
- No, nothing.
PREYSING: Nothing?
PREYSING: One cognac for me.
WAITER: Very good, sir.
You wanted to see me?
Yes. Pardon me. I must go to England.
It's very important. I must go at once.
I have some very big deals...
involving hundreds of thousands
of marks...
and I thought
I would take along a secretary...
to take care of my correspondence.
You know what I mean.
I understood you to say
that you travelled and...
You understand?
I understand you perfectly, Mr. Preysing.
PREYSING: What would you want
for such a trip?
FLAEMM: Marks? You mean money?
I don't know. I'd have to figure it up.
I'd need clothes and shoes...
and it's cold in England in March.
And Id need a suit.
- You'd want me to look nice?
- Of course, Miss Flaemm.
Yes, I thought you would.
I should say 1,000 marks.
FLAEMM: Is that too much?
That is all right.
Would you like me
to get you a room here...
at the hotel? Now?
PREYSING: And that would...
FLAEMM: Hello, Baron.
- Would you please pay some attention?
- I'm paying attention.
BARON: How do you do?
PREYSING: Insolence.
You mean the Baron?
PREYSING: Baron what?
BARON: What?
He's a gentleman.
Is the Baron tired?
No, not tired exactly.
I thought this evening
we could go to the casino.
That place we passed
with the wonderful bright lights.
Kringelein, Id adore it.
I can't go anywhere.
- What?
- I'm broke.
- No, you're joking.
- Yes. Isn't it odd?
A baron, broke.
Excuse me, old man.
- I quit.
- You can't.
I'm not getting those pearls,
neither are you.
- What about the money?
- I'll pay you back.
- How?
- I have an idea working in my head.
You might find a bullet

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