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Don't forget tomorrow. 5:00.
- I won't. Goodbye, you.
- Goodbye.
- What's the matter, Mr. Kringelein?
- Preysing.
- You know him, don't you?
- I know him?
I've slaved in that man's factory
for years and years.
I know him through and through.
- Sorry, old man.
- I beg your pardon, Baron.
Excuse me.
Won't you join me in my room?
I've ordered some champagne.
Listen, I'd love to. I'll join you a little later.
You know the gentleman
we met downstairs, with the face?
- Who? The doctor, you mean?
- Yes.
- He's a gay old blade, isn't he?
- He's wonderful.
Please, Messieurs, Madame is asleep.
See you later.
- Waiter!
- Please.
Has Madame slept well?
No, I've been awake, thinking.
It is time for the performance.
I think, Suzette...
I've never been so tired in my life.
Not even the Veronal
can help me to sleep.
Mme. Grusinskaya's car is to be brought.
- I can't dance tonight.
- It will pass, Madame.
Pearls are cold.
Everything is cold and finished.
So far away.
So threadbare.
The Russians. Saint Petersburg.
Imperial court. The Grand Duke Sergei...
is dead.
It's all gone.
Mon Dieu.  The pearls,
if they were to break...
The pearls don't break.
They hold together and bring me bad luck.
I hate them.
Orchids again, Madame!
No card. I think they are perhaps
from the same young man.
He is at the end of the corridor.
Tall. He walks like a soldier.
Madame must have noticed
how often he rides in the elevator with us.
Yes? Oui. 
- Madame, the car is here.
- Send it away. I shan't need it.
Mme. Grusinskaya will not require her car.
No. She'll not be going to the theater.
- Time for the performance.
- The performance.
Poor little Lisebeta.
She still has her stage fright. It will pass.
- It's not stage fright. It's something more.
- What? What is it?
- Last night there was no applause.
- There was.
That theater, half empty.
Dancing for those few.
I was frantic.
I finished, I waited, I listened...
but the applause did not come. Nothing.
They're past, Pimenov.
They're dead. It's finished.
Madame! In neglige
an hour before the performance.
What's this, you're canceling your car?
Do you know the time, or are we all mad?
Am I your manager?
Have we contracts? Have we obligations?
- Is this the time, or I am blind?
- I'm canceling the engagement.
Madame is canceling the engagement?
Madame has chosen a funny time
for such a funny joke.
Tonight there is a line
in front of the theater since 6:00.
The house is jammed to the roof.
- Is it really full?
- Doesn't Meierheim say so?
Packed to the ceiling.
And such an audience:
The French ambassador,
American millionaires, Princess Retski...
All right.
- Hurry, Suzette.
- We'll wait outside.
Poor child.
- How is the house?
- Terrible.
After this, no more ballets for me.
Jazz. Just jazz.
If the house is empty again...
I don't know.
When she gets her paint on,
hears the music, she'll be fine.
I know these people. Here she is.
Why did you bring the pearls?
I said I won't wear them.
- Why not?
- Take them back.
- Hurry up.
- We haven't time.
I don't think I'll be able
to join you fellows after all.
- Why not? We'll wait.
- Come on.
- Lift, please.
- Wait.
Can I help?
You go ahead, old man.
I'll be there if I'm up for it.
- We'll meet anyway.
- All right.
Mme. Grusinskaya's car.
Mme. Grusinskaya's car is to be brought.
The car is here, Madame.
Hello. Fifth floor. Good evening.
It's just 9:30, madam.
Yes. I'll send them up at once.
- Is he in?
- The Baron?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Adolphus, I have something very serious
to discuss with you.
When you meet lady dogs on the street
that are not dachshunds...
you must exercise some self-control.
We have company.
You're late.
The dancer's gone to the theater.
Excuse me, I'm busy.
This is a very peculiar thing
for one gentleman to say to another...
but as a matter of fact...
you're the one


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