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Thank you.
Preysing, I hope you pull through.
It's a very bad time
to be in such a crisis. Sorry.
ZINNOWITZ: Dining in town?
GERSTENKORN: No, I have to get my train.
Here! So you're breaking off
the negotiations.
All right.
But don't you think for one moment
that Im such a fool...
as not to have something
to say about Manchester.
GERSTENKORN: What? Manchester?
No. The deal is over.
Good night, gentlemen.
If you have something definite
to say about Manchester, we might...
Im at liberty to announce at this time
that the deal between my firm...
and the Manchester Cotton Company...
has been successfully negotiated.
Are you joking?
Under those circumstances...
- Where are those articles?
- I thought it was all over.
Under these circumstances,
it's a different matter.
Yes, but under these circumstances
we might refuse to sign now.
Now, come, come.
Business is business. Now, Ill sign in here.
Preysing, you sign here.
We should celebrate this
with a bottle of wine.
Good night. We'll see you next week
and settle all the details.
PREYSING: Next week.
Good night, Preysing. You're a sly one.
ZINNOWITZ: I'll be at your office tomorrow.
You let me talk myself hoarse...
and you had Manchester
signed up all the time. Why?
- The deal has been put through.
- Yeah.
The deal has been put through.
- What's the matter with you?
- Here.
"Deal with Manchester definitely...
"definitely off." Preysing!
Yes, if that's what the world wants, bluff...
I can be just as big a bluff as anyone.
You must go to England yourself at once
and really see this through!
Yes, I must go to England.
I was desperate.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Now I don't care.
This thing goes to a man's head.
ZINNOWITZ: You need some relaxation.
That's it! I want to break loose.
I want to drink.
I want to maybe go dancing.
I want to do anything.
I can understand that, after this...
Yes, go on, say it. My lie.
But that's the first time in 30 years that...
Where is my stenographer? Miss Flaemm?
ZINNOWITZ: Why do you want her?
ZINNOWITZ: What do you want?
Here. I want to do some dictating.
I want to tell my father-in-law about...
She had an engagement
in the Yellow Room at 5:00.
She was in a hurry.
- In the Yellow Room?
- Yes.
Do you think that she's pretty?
- Pretty as a picture.
- You think so?
Let's go find her. We'll go get a drink.
- You come along, Zinnowitz.
- Yes.
I don't know much about women.
I've been married for 28 years, you know.
Come along, Zinnowitz.
- Good evening, Mr. Kringelein.
- Good evening, Miss Flaemm.
- Have you seen the Baron?
- I'm waiting for him.
I've been with him all day.
We had a marvelous time.
We were in a motor car,
100 miles an hour, in an airplane.
- Really?
- We had a marvelous time.
[Band playing lively music]
My, how you've changed.
You look awfully nice.
Thank you, Miss Flaemm.
I had a manicure, too.
I'm sorry, Miss Flaemm.
Would you have something to drink?
A Louisiana Flip. Louisiana Flip, please.
- Absinthe.
- Oh, that.
[Otto whistling]
- You like music, Mr. Kringelein?
- Yes. I love it.
It's so stimulating.
- A man could...
- A man could what?
- He could do almost anything.
- He could.
- Hello, funny one.
- Hello.
BARON: Sorry Im late.
OTTO: Baron, won't you have a drink?
OTTO: A Louisiana Flip.
BARON: Mr. Kringelein, how are you now?
OTTO: I feel a little strange, Baron.
- I'd given you up.
- Sorry.
OTTO: Please, Baron, do have a drink.
A Louisiana Flip.
No, thanks, old man.
I'm keeping my head clear.
- Dance, then?
- What?
- Dance?
- Yes, Id love to.
- Watch this, will you, Mr. Kringelein?
- I really ought to learn to dance.
I suppose it's very important.
Yes, you should learn
as quickly as the time allows.
Believe me, Mr. Kringelein,
a man who is not with a woman...
is a dead

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