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have you been?
I suppose I can cancel the Vienna contract.
I just want to be alone.
You're going to be very much alone,
my dear Madame. This is the end.
[Melodious instrumental music continues]
SUZETTE: Shall l... Does Madame wish...
SUZETTE: All right.
GRUSINSKAYA: Western Theater, please.
Mr. Pimenov, the ballet master.
Hello, Pimenov.
I'm at the hotel.
I couldn't go on. I couldn't.
How is it going?
Who's dancing? Duprez?
Well, how is it?
[Slow instrumental music]
I see.
They didn't miss me at all.
Good night, Pimenov.
They didn't even miss me.
[Slow instrumental music continues]
Yes. I'm sorry. I've finished.
I always said Id leave off
when the time came.
And who would trouble
about a Grusinskaya...
who dances no more?
What would she do?
Grow orchids?
Keep white peacocks?
That's what it comes to at last: To die.
I'm not going to wait.
I'm not going to wait.
Don't be alarmed, Madame.
Who are you?
Someone who happened
to be hiding in your room.
I often come here
when you're at the theater.
Just to be alone in your room,
to breathe the air you breathe.
There's no need to call for help.
Permit me. I couldn't help hearing.
I couldn't help knowing
what you were about to do just now.
I could have left by the window,
unnoticed, but I risked being discovered.
May I say something, Madame?
You're so beautiful.
It tore my heart
to see you in despair like that.
What on earth
have they been doing to you?
You've everything to live for.
Please don't cry anymore.
You must forgive me.
I've had a very trying evening.
I was so alone,
and suddenly you were there.
Why do you look at me like that?
BARON: I had no idea
you were so beautiful.
I'd like to take you in my arms
and not let anything happen to you, ever.
How tired you are.
Yes, tired.
And alone?
So alone.
[Speaking Russian]
You mustn't talk Russian to me.
Strange man.
Am I so strange to you?
Maybe not so strange now.
You know, once,
when the Grand Duke was alive...
I found a man hiding in my room,
a young officer.
Later on, they found him dead.
Well, that was Russia.
GRUSINSKAYA: Who are you?
BARON: Someone who can love you.
Someone who has forgotten
everything else but you.
You could love me?
I've never seen anything in my life
as beautiful as you are.
You must go now.
I'm not going. You know Im not going.
Please let me stay.
But I want to be alone.
That isn't true. You don't want to be alone.
You were in despair just now.
I can't leave you now.
You mustn't cry anymore.
You must forget.
Let me stay. Just for a little while.
Please let me stay.
[Slow instrumental music continues]
For just a minute, then.
No, Doctor.
The champagne,
and those girls and their dancing...
those beautiful silver things,
and the ice, and the caviar...
Oh, Doctor.
I don't care.
It's life. Life.
Mr. Kringelein, you are drunk.
- Good night.
- Good night.
DOCTOR: No. My room.
BUTLER: Yes, Doctor.
[Cheerful instrumental music]
Mr. Kringelein, you're drunk.
[Otto chuckles]
[Cheerful instrumental music continues]
Grand Hotel.
OPERATOR #1: Hello?
OPERATOR #2: Grand Hotel.
OPERATOR #3: Grand Hotel, good morning.
OPERATOR #4: Baron von Geigern's room
does not answer.
Yes, all right.
Baron von Geigern's chauffeur calling?
OPERATOR #5: Grand Hotel, good morning.
OPERATOR #6: 930, Dr. Otternschlag.
No, Doctor. No messages.
[All talking]
OPERATOR #7: Grand Hotel, 820.
OPERATOR #8: Grand Hotel, good morning.
Who is calling Mme. Grusinskaya?
Mr. Pimenov.
Mme. Grusinskaya cannot be disturbed.
OPERATOR #9: Mr. Preysing's calls
to 162 for the day.
The conference room.
That is interesting.
A man in the textile industry
must know Manchester.
There's a lot of business to be done
with the Manchester Cotton Company.
They have the whole English market

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