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are in her room.
The others are getting suspicious.
I had Amsterdam on the phone.
They think you're scared.
I've been careful. I'm waiting my chance.
CHAUFFEUR: You're too much
of a gentleman, that's the trouble.
I told you Id get those pearls tonight,
didn't l?
CHAUFFEUR: Need any help?
Have you got the skeleton key?
One reason: There's a perfectly charming
floor clerk outside who sees everything.
She'd see me enter her room.
CHAUFFEUR: I'll deal with her.
CHAUFFEUR: Chloroform
on a handkerchief.
Poor kid. In the first place,
it would give her a rotten headache.
I know all about chloroform.
I had it in the war.
Besides, she's rather pretty.
- She has a very nice line...
- You're no good for this business.
CHAUFFEUR: To you it's just a joke.
I don't like your tone.
- No?
- No.
Get out. Leave her to me.
Be ready to leave on the night train
for Amsterdam.
- With the pearls.
- With the pearls.
Get out.
There is a nasty man, Adolphus.
He'd eat his young.
"Both parties have fully agreed
that this merger can only result...
"in mutual advantages.
"Mutual advantages."
[Typewriter clacking]
- Did you get that?
- Yes, I got it.
What did you say Zinnowitz called you?
- Flaemm? That's odd.
- What?
I mean, who were the gentlemen
you were talking to in the corridor?
Some people I know.
- You know a lot of gentlemen, don't you?
- Oh, not many.
I haven't time.
I'm busy now looking for a job.
I'd love to be in the movies.
Why the movies particularly? I mean...
"...only in mutual advantages.
You're a very unusual stenographer.
You're pretty enough to do other things.
- I do.
- What?
You see, I have a rather nice figure,
and I pose a lot.
Art studies, you know?
Like that? I got 10 marks for it.
Is that you? You?
Well, isn't that interesting?
- That's lovely.
- "Moreover..."
"Moreover, the possibility
of the successful accommodation...
"for the Cotton Company...
"should throw a great weight
into the balance..."
Your hands are sunburned, aren't they?
- Yes, that's from skiing.
- From skiing?
A friend of mine
took me to Switzerland last month.
To Switzerland?
That must have been very nice.
I went to Florence once, too.
- With the same man?
- No.
Don't misunderstand me, Miss Flaemm.
I'm a married man
and have grown-up daughters...
- All right.
...bigger than you are.
Come in.
That's all. Excuse me, please.
[Preysing sighs]
"Deal with Manchester definitely off."
Is that something terrible?
It doesn't mean that at all.
- That's a mistake. That's wrong.
- All right. I'm sorry.
- Do you want to go on?
- No.
You come back in the morning...
and we will go on with the dictation
before the conference.
If you find out you won't need me
in the morning...
I wish you'd please let me know...
because men like you who come in
and out of town are often unreliable.
After all, if I don't work tomorrow...
Well, good night.
"Deal definitely off."
Why, we could be smashed.
[Car driving away]
[Telephone ringing]
MAID: I'm going into 170 now, madam.
[Melodious instrumental music]
[Telephone ringing]
MAID: Hello? No. There's no one here.
You're late. What have you been doing?
Everyone says, "Come back."
They won't get out of their rooms.
[Telephone ringing]
Housekeeper speaking. No, she isn't here.
HOUSEKEEPER: Western Theater?
SUZETTE: You've seen her?
Hello. Mr. Pimenov?
Have you found her?
No, she isn't here. Yes, I know...
Pimenov? What's happening?
No, I haven't found her.
Who's dancing? Duprez? How was it?
Good. All right. You keep the show going.
This trick is going to cost Madame
a suit for breach of contract.
- Madame is ill. Her nerves...
- What about my nerves?
Who is she?
Where does she think she is, Russia?
- I want to be alone.
- Where

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