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is asleep.
See you later.
OTTO: Waiter!
SUZETTE: Please.
BARON: Sorry.
[Soft instrumental music]
SUZETTE: Has Madame slept well?
No, Ive been awake, thinking.
SUZETTE: It is time for the performance.
I think, Suzette...
Ive never been so tired in my life.
[Soft instrumental music continues]
GRUSINSKAYA: Not even the Veronal
can help me to sleep.
SUZETTE: Mme. Grusinskaya's car
is to be brought.
- I can't dance tonight.
- It will pass, Madame.
Pearls are cold.
Everything is cold and finished.
So far away.
So threadbare.
The Russians. Saint Petersburg.
Imperial court. The Grand Duke Sergei...
is dead.
[Speaking Russian]
It's all gone.
Mon Dieu. The pearls,
if they were to break...
The pearls don't break.
They hold together and bring me bad luck.
I hate them.
SUZETTE: Orchids again, Madame!
No card. I think they are perhaps
from the same young man.
He is at the end of the corridor.
Tall. He walks like a soldier.
Madame must have noticed
how often he rides in the elevator with us.
[Telephone ringing]
Yes? Oui.
SUZETTE: Madame, the car is here.
GRUSINSKAYA: Send it away.
Mme. Grusinskaya will not require her car.
No. She'll not be going to the theater.
- Time for the performance.
- The performance.
Poor little Lisebeta.
She still has her stage fright. It will pass.
- It's not stage fright. It's something more.
- What? What is it?
- Last night there was no applause.
- There was.
That theater, half empty.
Dancing for those few.
I was frantic.
I finished, I waited, I listened...
but the applause did not come. Nothing.
[Grusinskaya sighs]
They're past, Pimenov.
They're dead. It's finished.
[Banging on door]
PIMENOV: Meierheim.
Madame! In neglige
an hour before the performance.
What's this, you're cancelling your car?
Do you know the time, or are we all mad?
Am I your manager?
Have we contracts? Have we obligations?
- Is this the time, or I am blind?
- I'm cancelling the engagement.
Madame is cancelling the engagement?
Madame has chosen a funny time
for such a funny joke.
Tonight there is a line
in front of the theater since 6:00.
The house is jammed to the roof.
GRUSINSKAYA: Is it really full?
MEIERHEIM: Doesn't Meierheim say so?
Packed to the ceiling.
And such an audience:
The French ambassador,
American millionaires, Princess Retski...
All right.
MEIERHEIM: We'll wait outside.
[Classical instrumental music]
Poor child.
- How is the house?
- Terrible.
After this, no more ballets for me.
Jazz. Just jazz.
If the house is empty again...
I don't know.
When she gets her paint on,
hears the music, she'll be fine.
I know these people. Here she is.
[Classical instrumental music continues]
Why did you bring the pearls?
I said I won't wear them.
GRUSINSKAYA: Take them back.
MEIERHEIM: We haven't time.
I don't think Ill be able
to join you fellows after all.
MAN #1: Why not? We'll wait.
MAN #2: Come on.
- Lift, please.
- Wait.
Can I help?
BARON: You go ahead, old man.
I'll be there if Im up for it.
MAN #1: We'll meet anyway.
BARON: All right.
[Classical instrumental music]
Mme. Grusinskaya's car.
BELLBOY: Mme. Grusinskaya's car
is to be brought.
The car is here, Madame.
Hello. Fifth floor. Good evening.
It's just 9:30, madam.
Yes. I'll send them up at once.
CHAUFFEUR: Is he in?
CLERK: The Baron?
BARON: Adolphus, I have something
very serious to discuss with you.
When you meet lady dogs on the street
that are not dachshunds...
you must exercise some self-control.
[Door closes]
We have company.
You're late.
The dancer's gone to the theater.
Excuse me, Im busy.
This is a very peculiar thing
for one gentleman to say to another...
but as a matter of fact...
you're the one thing in the world
I really love.
CHAUFFEUR: She's gone to the theater.
Don't you know?
CHAUFFEUR: What'll you do?
BARON: Pearls

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