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"How do you do, Mr. Preysing."
And you said, "That's the young lady
who was my secretary in Manchester."
That's all quite proper.
But supposing I saw you and yelled:
"Hi, baby! Remember Manchester?"
And you were with your wife.
How would you like that?
We will leave my wife out of this,
Flaemmchen, please.
- Sorry.
- I didn't mean that.
You are very slender, aren't you?
- Think so?
- Are you going to be nice to me?
- Very nice?
- That's what you expect, isn't it?
You like me just a little bit, don't you?
You're still a stranger to me,
but that doesn't matter.
It's you, Baron.
What are you doing in this room here?
- This your room, Preysing?
- Yes, this is my room.
Sorry. I must've made a mistake.
We shall see whether you made
a mistake or not.
That door is locked, Baron.
Yes. I came through here.
Here. I want that pocketbook.
- What do you mean?
- I want that pocketbook. Give it to me!
- Certainly.
- So that's how we stand, Baron.
Look here, Preysing...
Im completely at your mercy.
I was desperate.
It's a matter of life and death.
I had to get some money tonight,
Yes, you did have to get
some money tonight...
but you're going to jail.
You're going to be locked up.
- Why, you're a thief!
- Be quiet.
Quiet? Yeah, quiet!
You danced with Flaemmchen when
I wanted to transact business with her.
You, the nice friend
of the nice Mr. Kringelein.
- Do you want to wake up the entire hotel?
- I will wake up the hotel!
I'll show them what a baron you are.
You are a thief!
I'll have you locked up.
Here, you wait here.
Thief! You!
Strike me, would you?
Hello. Operator. Operator.
They're having a nice little game up there
with that telephone.
Oh, God.
Baron! Speak to me!
He tried to rob me. He's a thief.
Here, Miss Flaemm.
Miss Flaemm, please don't leave me.
Please, Miss Flaemm.
- Look!
- What a grand hotel!
- Hurry up. They're waiting.
- She was in a hurry.
No wonder she was running.
Mr. Kringelein!
Wake up!
Hear me? Wake up!
- The Baron.
- The Baron?
Go quickly. The Baron. Do you hear me?
- Where?
- Preysing's room.
Here. Take it. You thief, you.
I must get out of here.
Mr. Kringelein, he robbed me.
He struck me. He's dead.
Baron. Dead, just like that.
Look. His eyes are still open.
He looks so peaceful.
It can't be so hard to die.
That pocketbook he stole from me.
It's just like it was.
I haven't touched nothing.
Maybe he did try to take
your pocketbook...
but you don't kill a man for that.
You don't kill a man about a pocketbook.
Poor Baron, he wanted money so badly.
- Where is Miss Flaemm?
- I'll take care of her.
That's it. She's working with that man.
She enticed me into her room
while he robbed me here.
- I'll tell that to the court.
- To the court?
Mr. Kringelein, I must talk with you
before the police come.
Miss Flaemm is in your room?
- Yes.
- She's in your room.
No one will know that I was with her.
You were with her.
They will not interrogate you.
They will not ask you any questions.
You cannot give no testimony.
Neither can she say anything.
But what you are proposing
is falsification of the evidence.
My existence is hanging by a thread.
A scandal with that woman
would mean ruin for me.
- But you've just killed a man!
- That makes no difference!
I beg your pardon.
It makes all the difference in the world.
- We're going to call the police.
- No!
Please, Mr. Kringelein.
I will give you money, anything.
You can go away. Please.
- I have enough money.
- Mr. Kringelein, please help me.
- My life is in your hands.
- Your life.
What about my life,
when you had it in your hands?
But I can send you back to Friedersdorf.
I can give you a very good position
in Friedersdorf.
Many, many thanks,
Mr. Industrial Magnate Preysing...
- but I am never going back to Friedersdorf.
- Don't, please.
Worry about yourself.
Don't worry about me.
No, Mr. Kringelein,

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