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maybe go dancing.
I want to do anything.
I can understand that, after this...
Yes, go on, say it. My lie.
But that's the first time in 30 years that...
Where is my stenographer? Miss Flaemm?
- What do you want with her?
- Pardon?
- What do you want?
- What?
Here. I want to do some dictating.
I want to tell my father-in-law about...
She had an engagement
in the Yellow Room at 5:00.
She was in a hurry.
- In the Yellow Room?
- Yes.
Do you think that she's pretty?
- Pretty as a picture.
- You think so?
Let's go find her. We'll go get a drink.
- You come along, Zinnowitz.
- Yes.
I don't know much about women.
I've been married for 28 years, you know.
Come along, Zinnowitz.
- Good evening, Mr. Kringelein.
- Good evening, Miss Flaemm.
- Have you seen the Baron?
- I'm waiting for him.
I've been with him all day.
We had a marvelous time.
We were in a motor car,
100 miles an hour, in an airplane.
- Really?
- We had a marvelous time.
My, how you've changed.
You look awfully nice.
Thank you, Miss Flaemm.
I had a manicure, too.
I'm sorry, Miss Flaemm.
Would you have something to drink?
A Louisiana Flip. Louisiana Flip, please.
- Absinthe.
- Oh, that.
- You like music, Mr. Kringelein?
- Yes. I love it.
It's so stimulating.
- A man could...
- A man could what?
- He could do almost anything.
- He could.
- Hello, funny one.
- Hello.
- Sorry Im late.
- Baron, won't you have a drink?
- A Louisiana Flip.
- Mr. Kringelein, how are you now?
I feel a little strange, Baron.
- I'd given you up.
- Sorry.
Please, Baron, do have a drink.
A Louisiana Flip.
No, thanks, old man.
I'm keeping my head clear.
- Dance, then?
- What?
- Dance?
- Yes, Id love to.
- Watch this, will you, Mr. Kringelein?
- I really ought to learn to dance.
I suppose it's very important.
Yes, you should learn
as quickly as the time allows.
Believe me, Mr. Kringelein,
a man who is not with a woman...
is a dead man.
- What have you been doing all day?
- Chasing around.
- Chasing what?
- Money.
- You were very different yesterday.
- That was yesterday.
I served as a surgeon in the Great War...
till the end.
Grenade in my face.
I carried diphtheria bacilli
in the wound till 1920.
Isolated two years.
- Drink, Mr. Kringelein.
- Yes.
That was lovely.
Listen, funny one,
do you want to make a man happy?
- I'd love to.
- Dance with old Kringelein.
I don't know. He's a dear old duck.
I feel rather sorry for him, don't you?
You know, you're not a bit
like you were yesterday.
No, perhaps not.
I fell in love last night.
The real thing.
There's no real thing. It just doesn't exist.
I thought that, too.
But now I know that it does.
It's wonderful.
Come along.
- Dance with old Kringelein?
- Of course. Anything for you.
You're sweet.
Here you are. I must speak with you.
- Presently, Mr. Preysing.
- No, now. This is very urgent.
This lady has urgent business with me
at the moment.
Insolence. Berlin manners.
Good evening, Mr. Preysing.
You're staying here, too?
- I'm sorry, but I cannot place you.
- Kringelein, at the plant.
One of our agents.
No. Assistant bookkeeper,
Room 23, Building C, third floor.
- I am away, sick.
- That's very interesting.
Good day.
Would you like to dance with me,
Mr. Kringelein?
Miss Flaemm, Ive never danced in public.
- Come along and try it.
- I'd be afraid.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
You'll love it.
Miss Flaemmchen, I must speak to you.
This is about a dictating job.
- When do we start? Tomorrow morning?
- No, right now.
We were just going to dance.
Do you know each other?
Mr. Kringelein, Mr. Preysing.
Mr. Kringelein would be a good friend
and not accept your invitation to dance.
I couldn't think of not accepting
the invitation to dance.
I understood you to say
that you reported to our plant ill...
and you're here in Berlin
indulging in diversions...
which are very much beyond your means?

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