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- No.
- Why not?
Poor kid. In the first place,
it would give her a rotten headache.
I know all about chloroform.
I had it in the war.
Besides, she's rather pretty.
- She has a very nice line...
- You're no good for this business.
- No?
- To you it's just a joke.
I don't like your tone.
- No?
- No.
Get out. Leave her to me.
Be ready to leave on the night train
for Amsterdam.
- With the pearls.
- With the pearls.
Get out.
There is a nasty man, Adolphus.
He'd eat his young.
"Both parties have fully agreed
that this merger can only result...
"in mutual advantages.
- Did you get that?
- Yes, I got it.
What did you say Zinnowitz called you?
- Flaemm? That's odd.
- What?
I mean, who were the gentlemen
you were talking to in the corridor?
Some people I know.
- You know a lot of gentlemen, don't you?
- Oh, not many.
I haven't time.
I'm busy now looking for a job.
I'd love to be in the movies.
Why the movies particularly? I mean...
"...only in mutual advantages.
You're a very unusual stenographer.
You're pretty enough to do other things.
- I do.
- What?
You see, I have a rather nice figure,
and I pose a lot.
Art studies, you know?
Like that? I got 10 marks for it.
Is that you? You?
Well, isn't that interesting?
- That's lovely.
- "Moreover..."
"Moreover, the possibility
of the successful accommodation...
"for the Cotton Company...
"should throw a great weight
into the balance..."
Your hands are sunburned, aren't they?
- Yes, that's from skiing.
- From skiing?
A friend of mine
took me to Switzerland last month.
To Switzerland?
That must have been very nice.
I went to Florence once, too.
- With the same man?
- No.
Don't misunderstand me, Miss Flaemm.
I'm a married man
and have grown-up daughters...
- All right.
...bigger than you are.
Come in.
That's all. Excuse me, please.
"Deal with Manchester definitely off."
Is that something terrible?
It doesn't mean that at all.
- That's a mistake. That's wrong.
- All right. I'm sorry.
- Do you want to go on?
- No.
You come back in the morning...
and we will go on with the dictation
before the conference.
If you find out you won't need me
in the morning...
I wish you'd please let me know...
because men like you who come in
and out of town are often unreliable.
After all, if I don't work tomorrow...
Well, good night.
"Deal definitely off."
Why, we could be smashed.
I'm going into 170 now, madam.
Hello? No. There's no one here.
You're late. What have you been doing?
Everyone says, "Come back."
They won't get out of their rooms.
Housekeeper speaking. No, she isn't here.
- Western Theater?
- Have you seen Madame?
Hello. Mr. Pimenov?
Have you found her?
No, she isn't here. Yes, I know...
Pimenov? What's happening?
No, I haven't found her.
Who's dancing? Duprez? How was it?
Good. All right. You keep the show going.
This trick is going to cost Madame
a suit for breach of contract.
- Madame is ill. Her nerves...
- What about my nerves?
Who is she?
Where does she think she is, Russia?
- I want to be alone.
- Where have you been?
I suppose I can cancel the Vienna contract.
I just want to be alone.
You're going to be very much alone,
my dear Madame. This is the end.
- Shall l... Does Madame wish...
- No, Suzette.
All right.
Western Theater, please.
Mr. Pimenov, the ballet master.
Hello, Pimenov.
I'm at the hotel.
I couldn't go on. I couldn't.
How is it going?
Who's dancing? Duprez?
Well, how is it?
I see.
They didn't miss me at all.
Good night, Pimenov.
They didn't even miss me.
Yes. I'm sorry. I've finished.
I always said Id leave off
when the time came.
And who would trouble
about a Grusinskaya...
who dances no more?
What would she do?
Grow orchids?
Keep white peacocks?
That's what it comes to at last: To die.
I'm not going to wait.
Don't be alarmed, Madame.
Who are you?

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