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Saxonia company.
- I know.
- The Saxonia company will never sign...
unless your firm is tied up
with the Manchester people.
They don't have to. I told you that.
Yes, I know. I'm very much worried.
But I have my agent in Manchester.
I'm expecting a telegram any minute.
You have to create a good impression.
Seem optimistic.
Don't even mention Manchester
to the Saxonia crowd. Be clever.
No, I cannot do that, Dr. Zinnowitz.
I'm used to making my deals
on a solid basis.
I'm an honest businessman,
a good husband and a father.
I have nothing to conceal.
I could not live happily otherwise.
Yes, I know.
We'll go someplace and talk it over.
I'm expecting a stenographer.
Send her to Mr. Preysing's room. 166.
Yes, Dr. Zinnowitz.
- Letters for me?
- No, Doctor.
- Telegrams?
- No, Doctor.
He always seems to be waiting
for something...
but it never happens.
- No messages?
- No, Doctor.
Yes, I was in the war.
- Your bill, Baron.
- You're not beginning that again, are you?
Please pay some attention to me.
I've no time.
Kindly wait one moment, sir.
- Has anyone asked for me?
- No, Doctor.
We're holding the rooms now.
Five bedrooms, two sitting rooms.
- How many in your party?
- Let me see. My mother, two sisters...
- Really, this is an imposition.
- Sir, kindly wait one moment, please.
- That makes nine.
- Yes, madam.
- You wish to have the rooms held?
- Yes, please. And then...
Really, I won't wait any longer.
I've been here a very long time.
That's all right.
Look here, I waited three days
before I got a room at all.
When I finally got one,
what kind of a room was it?
- A very nice room, and inexpensive.
- I didn't ask you for a cheap room.
When I came here to live,
did I ask you for a cheap room? Did I?
- If you wait one moment, sir...
- I can't wait.
Every day is precious. Every hour...
- 176?
... every minute is precious.
I came to live here for two weeks,
maybe three. Heaven only knows.
I can pay whatever you want.
I'm tired and ill. I can't wait.
- The gentleman has a complaint?
- He is dissatisfied with Room 559.
Yes, I have a complaint.
I think it's a perfectly fair complaint.
I came here from a great distance
to live at the Grand Hotel.
I want a room, a big room.
The same kind of room
you'd give General Director Preysing.
I'm as good as Mr. Preysing.
I can pay for a room
the same as Mr. Preysing.
Would you stick him way off
in a corner in a little room...
where the water pipes go "pop" all day?
He can have my room.
It doesn't matter where I stay.
That won't be necessary, Doctor.
Mr. Kringelein will take Room 176.
It's one of our most expensive rooms.
A large room on the front, and with a bar.
- With a private bar, exclusively mine.
- Certainly, sir.
Exactly what I want. That's very kind.
I'll pay for it now.
- No, I beg of you, sir.
- Pardon me, sir.
You dropped your little hat.
- Permit me.
- Thank you.
Permit me. My name is Kringelein,
from Friedersdorf.
- Yes. I'm Baron von Geigern.
- A Baron.
Permit me to present Dr. Otternschlag.
A doctor. Doctor, I'm ill.
I know. When a man's collar
is an inch too big for him, I know he's ill.
I must go and dress now.
- I hope to see you at the theater.
- Surely, sir.
- Is this gentleman a baron, too?
- Unfortunately, no.
- Will Mr. Kringelein kindly sign here?
- I have signed once.
- Have you a minute?
- I told you not to come into the lobby.
Time's getting short.
Haven't I told you not talk to me
with a cigarette in your mouth?
- I want to speak...
- Later.
Yes, sir.
This way, Mr. Kringelein.
Mr. Preysing.
- Will you go up to 166?
- 166.
Hey, wait a minute!
Mme. Grusinskaya's car
is not to be brought.
She said, "On the other side of the fence. "
Baron, you're incorrigible.
Poor Grusinskaya.
- How can she receive anyone? She can't.
- No, of course not.
Theater, hotels, trains.
Trains, hotels, theater.
- Quite so.
- I must toddle along.
- She'll be

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