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very kind of you
to take an interest.
- Friends, then.
- Friends, Baron?
Thank you.
- Your room is ready, sir.
- Thank you.
I may speak to the Baron
anytime I see him?
Of course, Kringelein. Why not?
I mean,
when you're with your smart friends?
- I haven't any friends, Kringelein.
- You said me, Baron.
- Friend.
- Bless you, Kringelein.
See you later.
I've often wondered
what would happen to that porter...
if somebody jumped on him from here.
I'm sure I don't know.
Why don't you try it and find out?
- Thanks very much.
- Not at all.
- Don't you like dancing?
- No. Not with strangers.
- Never?
- Never.
- Thanks very much.
- Not at all.
- I say...
- Are you back again?
He must be an awful nice fellow.
- Who?
- Whoever's keeping you waiting.
Have you seen it?
- Seen what?
- It.
You don't mean 166?
That fat,
bulbous neighbor of mine, Mister...
- Preysing.
- Not you.
Oh, no.
- Does he sing?
- I hope not.
- Weren't you playing something?
- Yes. The typewriter.
- You're a little stenographess.
- Yes, Im a little stenographess.
That's fascinating.
I don't suppose you'd take some dictation
from me sometime, would you?
- How about some tea, then?
- Tea would spoil my dinner.
I only have one meal a day,
and Id rather hate to spoil it.
- Are you reducing?
- Reducing?
Me? Do I need to?
No. It's perfect.
I don't think Ive ever...
But why one meal a day?
- Money. Ever heard of it?
- Yes, I have, vaguely.
But I always thought
little stenographers made little pennies.
- Very little.
- That's too bad.
Did you ever see a stenographer
with a decent frock on?
I have, indeed.
One she'd bought herself?
I see what you mean. Poor kid.
- I wish I were free tonight.
- Aren't you?
- What?
- Free.
No, darn it, Im not.
But there's tomorrow.
- What time tomorrow?
- 5:00, downstairs.
Where downstairs?
In the funny yellow room
where they dance.
You're funny.
- Tomorrow?
- Of course.
We'll dance?
All right. We'll dance.
I wonder if I could remind the Baron
of his promise...
that I might speak to him at any time?
Mr. Kringelein, how are you making out
in the royal suite?
- Wonderfully, thanks to the Baron.
- Baron?
- Are you a baron?
- Strangely enough, yes.
- Then this isn't the Baroness?
- Strangely enough, no.
- Do I look like a baroness?
- You're attractive enough to be anything.
Thank you, Baron. You're nice.
- Thank you, Miss...
- Miss Flaemm.
- Miss Flaemm, this is Mr. Kringelein.
- Hello.
- They call me Flaemmchen.
- I like that better.
I wonder if the Baron would take
the trouble to come to my beautiful room?
I've ordered some caviar and champagne.
It's very expensive,
but that doesn't matter.
Perhaps Miss Flaemm would join us.
Have caviar, if you like,
but it tastes like herring to me.
It does, as a matter of fact.
I hadn't thought of that.
I'm sure my beautiful room...
will appeal to your artistic sense.
It has real velvet upholstery.
A-number one.
I'm in the textile trade, and I know.
I wonder if you'd like to see my bathroom?
It has hot and cold running water all day.
Nighttime, too.
I can have a bath anytime that I like.
- No.
- Yes.
Stenographer. Please.
Her master's voice.
Goodbye, Mr. Kringelein. Thank you.
Goodbye, funny one.
Don't forget tomorrow. 5:00.
- I won't. Goodbye, you.
- Goodbye.
- What's the matter, Mr. Kringelein?
- Preysing.
- You know him, don't you?
- I know him?
I've slaved in that man's factory
for years and years.
I know him through and through.
- Sorry, old man.
- I beg your pardon, Baron.
Excuse me.
Won't you join me in my room?
I've ordered some champagne.
Listen, Id love to. I'll join you a little later.
You know the gentleman
we met downstairs, with the face?
- Who? The doctor, you mean?
- Yes.
- He's a gay old blade, isn't he?
- He's wonderful.
Please, Messieurs, Madame is asleep.
See you later.
- Waiter!
- Please.
Has Madame


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