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Send her to Mr. Preysing's room. 166.
Yes, Dr. Zinnowitz.
- Letters for me?
- No, Doctor.
- Telegrams?
- No, Doctor.
He always seems to be waiting
for something...
but it never happens.
- No messages?
- No, Doctor.
Yes, I was in the war.
- Your bill, Baron.
- You're not beginning that again, are you?
Please pay some attention to me.
I've no time.
Kindly wait one moment, sir.
- Has anyone asked for me?
- No, Doctor.
We're holding the rooms now.
Five bedrooms, two sitting rooms.
- How many in your party?
- Let me see. My mother, two sisters...
- Really, this is an imposition.
- Sir, kindly wait one moment, please.
- That makes nine.
- Yes, madam.
- You wish to have the rooms held?
- Yes, please. And then...
Really, I won't wait any longer.
I've been here a very long time.
That's all right.
Look here, I waited three days
before I got a room at all.
When I finally got one,
what kind of a room was it?
- A very nice room, and inexpensive.
- I didn't ask you for a cheap room.
When I came here to live,
did I ask you for a cheap room? Did l?
- If you wait one moment, sir...
- I can't wait.
Every day is precious. Every hour...
- 176?
...every minute is precious.
I came to live here for two weeks,
maybe three. Heaven only knows.
I can pay whatever you want.
I'm tired and ill. I can't wait.
- The gentleman has a complaint?
- He is dissatisfied with Room 559.
Yes, I have a complaint.
I think it's a perfectly fair complaint.
I came here from a great distance
to live at the Grand Hotel.
I want a room, a big room.
The same kind of room
you'd give General Director Preysing.
I'm as good as Mr. Preysing.
I can pay for a room
the same as Mr. Preysing.
Would you stick him way off
in a corner in a little room...
where the water pipes go "pop" all day?
He can have my room.
It doesn't matter where I stay.
That won't be necessary, Doctor.
Mr. Kringelein will take Room 176.
It's one of our most expensive rooms.
A large room on the front, and with a bar.
- With a private bar, exclusively mine.
- Certainly, sir.
Exactly what I want. That's very kind.
I'll pay for it now.
- No, I beg of you, sir.
- Pardon me, sir.
You dropped your little hat.
- Permit me.
- Thank you.
Permit me. My name is Kringelein,
from Friedersdorf.
- Yes. I'm Baron von Geigern.
- A Baron.
Permit me to present Dr. Otternschlag.
A doctor. Doctor, Im ill.
I know. When a man's collar
is an inch too big for him, I know he's ill.
I must go and dress now.
- I hope to see you at the theater.
- Surely, sir.
- Is this gentleman a baron, too?
- Unfortunately, no.
- Will Mr. Kringelein kindly sign here?
- I have signed once.
- Have you a minute?
- I told you not to come into the lobby.
Time's getting short.
Haven't I told you not talk to me
with a cigarette in your mouth?
- I want to speak...
- Later.
Yes, sir.
This way, Mr. Kringelein.
Mr. Preysing.
- Will you go up to 166?
- 166.
Hey, wait a minute!
Mme. Grusinskaya's car
is not to be brought.
She said, "On the other side of the fence."
Baron, you're incorrigible.
Poor Grusinskaya.
- How can she receive anyone? She can't.
- No, of course not.
Theater, hotels, trains.
Trains, hotels, theater.
- Quite so.
- I must toddle along.
- She'll be waking up and calling for me.
- I'm sorry, old fellow.
Who are you, please?
I'm the stenographer.
Then you will please wait outside, please.
Yes, sir.
Outside, please.
Take your time.
Listen, the burial fund and everything.
I've got it right here.
I'm going to live.
I'm going to have a good time while I can.
That's my creed, Kringelein:
A short life and a gay one.
A short life, Baron, and a gay one.
That's very true in my case.
You know, I know you won't think
Im impertinent...
but perhaps you might have
a little better time...
if you bought some new clothes.
Started out fresh, so to speak.
Well, Baron, I didn't think
there was time for that.
But it's


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