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do with him?
- Money.
- Money.
- You don't understand that, do you?
- Yes, I do.
- Do you really?
- Yes, I do.
I could take care of you,
Miss Flaemmchen, if you'd let me.
I have enough money.
There's 10,200 marks in this pocketbook...
and there's 3,400 that I won last night.
That would last a long time.
I could win some more. We could travel.
- Travel?
- Yes, to Paris.
- I've always wanted to go to Paris.
- Anywhere you like. Here.
I'll give you this money
I won last night. 3,400...
- and then later you can have some more.
- Later?
Yes, when I...
I'm ill, Flaemmchen.
I won't live long. Will you stay with me?
That's nonsense!
We'll find a great doctor. He'll cure you.
- They can cure anything these days.
- You think so?
Of course. You'll see. Here.
Do you think you'd have
as good a time with me...
as you did with Preysing?
- Why, of course.
- Really?
- Yes.
- You like me better than you did him?
You're a good man, Mr. Kringelein.
A very good man.
You know, I never thought
anything so beautiful could come to me.
We'll catch the first train to Paris.
Order two tickets now. Come on.
I can't.
Hello, porter?
Yes, please.
I'd like two tickets to Paris.
What time does the next train leave?
- He'll be on the train.
- But how do you know?
Baron von Geigern has left?
When? How long ago?
The Baron left about half an hour ago.
Gru, come, come. We'll lose the train.
Come along.
Here you are, sir.
I'm sorry.
Mme. Grusinskaya's car.
Come along, the train will be going.
- What is it, Gru?
- Please come, madam, please.
- I'll ask myself.
- What is the use of asking?
- He'll be on the train. He'll be there.
- Have you seen Baron von Geigern?
The Baron is not here, madam.
- Has he gone?
- Yes, madam.
- We haven't any time to waste.
- He'll be on the train.
We have a rehearsal in Vienna tomorrow.
The sun. It'll be sunny in Tremezzo.
We'll have a guest, Suzette. Yes?
Grand Hotel!
The Grand Hotel, sweetheart.
This way, precious.
Take the car to the garage.
Take the bags in, please.
Come, darling.
Good morning.
- Will you kindly register?
- Certainly.
- Mr. And Mrs. Hoffman.
- Head porter's desk.
Mr. Senf? Just a moment. Hospital.
Hello. Yes, head porter.
- Yes.
- What's the matter?
The child has come. It's a boy.
- And your wife?
- My wife is well.
Hello. Hospital?
I'll be with you on lunch hour.
These rooms are not taken.
176, 170, 168, 166.
- Is Your Excellency leaving?
- A cab, please.
- A cab for His Excellency.
- My bill, and the lady's, too.
- Have you got your tickets?
- My tickets.
- Tickets for Mr. Kringelein.
- Thank you.
Your forwarding address?
The Grand Hotel, in Paris.
How do you know there will be one?
There's a Grand Hotel
everywhere in the world.
- Goodbye, Mr. Kringelein.
- Goodbye, Doctor.
Pain's gone already?
Pain. I have none, Doctor.
My luggage.
- Telegram.
- I beg your pardon.
Where's the money?
Hurry. We'll miss that train.
Got your bags now?
Come along. Here you are.
- Come on.
- Goodbye, Your Excellency.
- Goodbye!
- Your hat, sir.
Goodbye. I'm coming.
Please be careful of that.
Friedrichstrasse Station.
Grand Hotel. Always the same.
People come, people go.
Nothing ever happens.
Subtitles: j8ta- Hello. Grand Hotel.
- The line is busy.
Who is this?
I can connect you with room service.
Is that the clinic?
This is Senf, the head porter, Grand Hotel.
How's my wife? Is she in pain?
Isn't the child coming soon?
Patience? Would you have patience?
This is Otto Kringelein.
Is that you, Heinrich?
Listen. I've got to talk very quickly.
Every minute costs 2 marks 90.
You know that will I made
before I had my operation?
I want you to tear it up.
I came to Berlin to see a great specialist
about that old trouble of mine, you know?
It's pretty bad,
and he says I haven't long to live.
I say, he says I won't live much longer!
No, it isn't nice to

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