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Come on, gentlemen. Please drink! Drink.
It's wonderful and sweet champagne!
Mr. Kringelein, care to take the bank?
Yes! Surely. I'll take everything.
I'll take anything.
Come on, now. Drink, gentlemen.
Please drink some champagne.
It's expensive and good.
What will I take the bank for?
- I'll play for 500.
- Baron, all at once?
Suppose you lose it?
It's all the same thing, Kringelein.
Come on, now, old man.
Deal me two cards.
One to me first. One to yourself.
One to me. One to yourself.
Baron, if all that money...
What have you got?
I've got a nine!
Isn't that a wonderful thing?
Kringelein, you old robber,
you're hopeless.
Baron! Baron, please.
It's no use, old man. It's sweet of you...
- but you have all the luck.
- It's true.
I have luck, for the first time in my life!
I have luck!
Baron, are you out?
Have you finished playing?
Yes, thank you.
I'll recover again presently,
in 10 or 20 years.
Look, Doctor. I've won again!
There you are.
Baron, I win and drink, and drink and win!
Gentlemen, please don't go.
Be my guests. Don't go. I beg your pardon.
I know I oughtn't to presume,
but I'm so grateful to you.
It's been so marvelous.
For the first time in my life,
I've gambled and I've danced.
You gentlemen can laugh...
but for the first time in my life,
I've tasted life!
- Splendid!
- Life is wonderful, but it's very dangerous.
If you have the courage to live it,
it's marvelous.
- Wonderful!
- You don't know about that.
You're healthy and happy.
But I, believe me...
if a man doesn't know death,
he doesn't know life.
- It's a short life, but a gay one.
- Please, gentlemen, don't go.
Come on. Drink to life...
to the magnificent, dangerous...
brief, wonderful life.
- Kringelein!
- And the courage to live it.
You know, I've only lived since last night...
but that little while seems longer
than all the time that's gone before.
All of...
Take him over to his bed.
Turn him around.
How is he, Doctor?
- It will be over in a minute.
- Over?
- It's only just begun.
- Quiet, Kringelein. Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid, Doc.
- I'm not afraid to die.
- There, there.
You'll be all right.
Too much iced champagne.
- What?
- Hello, Baron.
Hello, Kringelein.
You old drunkard.
It's late.
- What is it?
- My pocketbook.
I've lost my pocketbook.
14,000 marks in that pocketbook.
- I've got to find it.
- No, stay where you are.
No, I've got to find that.
- Kringelein!
- 14,000 marks.
14,000 marks were in that pocketbook.
I can't see anything.
You don't know what that money means
to a man like me.
You've never lived like a dog in a hole...
and scrimped and saved.
You did not see his pocketbook,
did you, Baron?
My life hangs on that money, Baron.
Nobody ever gives you anything
for nothing.
You have to buy everything,
and pay cash for it.
I wanted to pay for my last days
with that money.
I must find it!
I haven't anything in the world
but that pocketbook!
Every hour costs money. I must find it!
Here's your pocketbook,
you silly old thing.
- There's your money.
- You found it!
That's it. You found it.
I'm very glad he got it back. 14,000 marks.
Yes. It's a lot of money, isn't it?
- Good night, Kringelein.
- Don't go, Baron. Don't leave me.
- I must, old man. It's late, I'm sorry.
- No. Please don't go!
I must, old man. It's late.
Good night.
Good night, Kringelein.
Stay a while, Baron.
I'm sorry. I can't, old man.
I have no time.
Wait a minute.
- Hello, funny one.
- Hello.
What are you doing here at this time?
Looking for my room. 164.
- Do you live here?
- Yes, for tonight.
Such is life, Flaemmchen.
You're nice.
Good night...
funny one.
Good night.
Come on.
- Thank you, madam. Good night.
- Good night.
You were superb tonight. What a success!
Yes. It was a triumph, wasn't it?
Madame will return to Berlin soon?
Who knows, monsieur?
Do be sensible.
Shall I come and talk
about the music now, or not?

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