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gonna be, anyway?
Then we go
to East Berlin.
East "Berlin?"
Wait a second.
We're going
to East Berlin?
I tell you that,
No, no, no, no.
You didn't tell
me that.
Oh, yes.
Oh, no.
Mm. Well,
I'm sorry, but...
that is where
my business is.
Who has business
in East Berlin?
What are you,
a spy or something?
Yes, I am spy.
No, I am like
a messenger boy.
A courier.
A courier.
Well, what
do you "couri"?
They do not tell me.
Who's "they"?
They do not tell me.
I pick things up.
I bring them across.
I give to man.
He pay me.
I thought you were
a graduate student.
Yes, I am,
but with this job,
I make money
to pay tuition.
I'm not having
a rich father, you know.
So you've done
this a lot?
Many times.
You want me
to go with you?
How long is it
gonna take?
Only one day.
We can even
leave bags here.
I don't know.
You are afraid to go?
No, I'm not "afraid"
to go.
It just seems kinda
dangerous to...
bring stuff across
that you don't know
what it is.
But you tell me
you like danger.
Is that not what
your game is all about?
Yeah, but that's
just a game.
You will see.
This will be
like game too.
"You are leaving
the American sector. "
And entering
the twilight zone.
Everything will be okay.
Yeah, yeah.
There's only
one entrance, huh?
Nice gun.
- Why is that guy
taking our pictures?
- "[Sasha] It's not unusual."
I mean, we didn't even
do anything.
- [German]
- Hey, look what you did
to the car!
- [German]
- I don't "sprechen sie,"
L-I was lookin' at
the guy with the camera,
and l-I didn't see.
- L... Jesus Christ!
- What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
- Did you say a curse
on me, maybe?
- No, no. L-I didn't.
Show me your passport.
Will you look at me,
What is your purpose
to visit the D.D.R.?
- Nothin'.
- Nothin'?
- Nothin'. Tourists.
- Tourists?
Well, then...
welcome to the D.D.R.
[Cranking Engine]
[Both Speaking German]
Is he gonna
give 'em back?
So what's all this "D.D.R."
Stuff? I thought
we were in East Berlin.
D.D.R. "is" East Berlin.
It's East Germany.
Means, "Deutsche"
Demokratische Republik. "
Doesn't seem very
"democratisch" to me.
I mean, that guard
at the checkpoint.
What an asshole!
Jonathan, these are not
campus policemen here.
You do not talk back
to them.
They are very suspicious
of people from the West.
- Especially couriers?
- [Scoffs]
Especially couriers.
[Sirens Wailing,
People Chattering]
So, when are you going
to do your business?
Then we're out of here?
Then we're "out of here."
Then we're gonna go
to Spain, right?
What do you mean,
It's only fair.
I came to East Berlin
with you.
You oughta come
to Spain with me.
I would love to go.
I think you're a very...
uh, amazing person.
"I mean this"...
"This last week"...
Oh, it's been...
It's been very
special to me.
Has been special
for me too.
Well, what I'm really
tryin' to say is...
that I love you.
Pretty dumb, huh?
No. Is not dumb.
Look at her.
[Camera Clicks]
The other one's
gonna beat her.!
[Jonathan, Indistinct]
I want to try.
- Okay. Break it.
- Yippee!
- You make smile.
- Ha! [Grunting]
There is something
I have to tell you.
If you ever get message
from me saying...
to meet me at the
Cafe Friedrichstrasse,
I want you to leave
East Berlin immediately.
Do not check out
of hotel and do not try
to find me.
Just go to checkpoint
and back across.
Cafe Friedrichstrasse?
You are hungry?
Yeah, I'm kind
of hungry.
There is
! !

- ...

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