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call them, darling.
Remember: It's your life.
This is Sasha.
I'm at "Bonawenture"Hotel. Call
me there as soon as you can.
What the hell's goin'on
in here?
What happened?
You're not gonna believe this. It's
happening to me, and I don't believe it.
I'm listening.
After I left you in Paris,
Sasha and I went to Berlin.
I know. Yeah. Then we
went to East Berlin.
East Berlin?
For what?
For this.
They don't sell film
in West Berlin?
- We didn't buy it. We picked it up.
- What's on it?
It's got some spy information or
something. Whatever it is, it's important.
"Spy information"?
Sasha picked up the film.
She must've planted it on me, because
I didn't know I had it until I got here.
- These Russians have been following me from East Berlin...
- The Russians did this?
No, the C.I.A. Did this.
The C.I.A.?
Yeah. I think
Sasha's one of'em.
I went down
to the C.I.A. Office,
and there she was sittin'
in this room drinkin' coffee...
with the same guys
that trashed this place.
I hate to say it, but I knew
something like this was gonna happen.
- Hi, Sasha.
- "Jonathan, you are okay?" I was so worried about you.
Y... Worried about me? Wh-Why
would you be worried about me?
Did you get my message?
And you will come
to hotel?
I don't think so.
I have to see you.
I don't know what kind of game you're
playing, but we're gonna start using my rules.
Hold on.
You still a homeboy?
You still a white boy? Yeah. You're
in a gang, you're in a gang for life.
You think the homeboys
could do me a little favor?
There's a flower shop across
the street from the Bonaventure.
Be there in an hour.
Jonathan, I...
Hey, Sasha. If you wanna see Jonathan, go
to Olvera Street, in front of the cross.
Olvera Street.
That's three blocks.
Is your name Sasha?
This is for you.
Are you "Shasa"?
Message for you.
El Mercado.
- Who's this asshole?
- Get in.
Get in.
What's she doing?
When two tribes go to war a
point is all that you can score
Let's go to war
Let's go to war
When two tribes go to war a
point is all that you can score
Working on the black gas
All right. Move those
cars. This is the C.I.A.
- You've got no juice here, man.
- Yeah, well, this is government juice, pachuco.
Show me your badges. We don't know
nothing about no stinking badges.
We're not playing games
here, greaseball.
Neither are we, amigo.
You son of a bitch.
Remember the Alamo?
Manolo, you are making mistake.
Those men are on our side.
Our side. Their side. I
don't know about that shit,
but I got a friend who's in
trouble, and I'm on his side.
Whose side are you on?
He's by the sculpture garden
near the statues.
He thinks he's in love with
you. Be straight with him.
You are okay?
I know you're upset, but
now I can explain everything.
You think I'm upset?
You drag me to East Berlin.
A lady gets shot in my arms.
I'm getting chased by people who kill
people. My parents think I'm a junkie.
And you're hanging out with the
C.I.A. Why should I be upset?
Jonathan, you do not
understand. No shit.
Let me explain.
Good idea.
Why don't you tell me
what's goin' on?
I tell you I was a courier.
That's a lie. I am operative. A agent.
For the C.I.A.?
I'm very impressed.
That's a good job.
I did not mean for you
to carry that film.
That's lie number two.
Don't let there be a third.
No, I only wanted to use you for a
cover. Why? Because I look stupid?
No, be... Innocent.
You look so innocent.
Goddamn it, I'm telling you the
truth. You don't know what truth is.
Jonathan, I didn't want
to use you.
Wait a second. What... What just
happened to your accent? Huh?
Who the fuck are you?
Is there anything about
you that isn't phony?
What's your name?
What's your real name?
Cheryl. Cheryl what?
Cheryl Brewster.
From Prague?
! !

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