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of passengers only.
No parking.
Come on. Come on.
Nice and easy.
Wouldn't it be good
to live in your shoes
Even if it was
forjust one day
The white zone
"is for immediate loading"...
Time, most curious
I feel it driftin'away
Now I'm searchin'for words
For somethin'to say
Oh, ho, oh-oh-oh
"We love it!"
Oh, ho, oh-oh-oh
Say it ain't true
Say it ain't true
Say it ain't true
"Say it ain't"...
You ran around
like a hotshot
- Sorry about the window, man. Send the bill to the Betas.
- "Can we have the football?"
Hello? Hello, darling. It's Mom.
Hi, Mom.
How was Europe?
I'll never forget it.
Could I come over for
dinner tonight? Of course.
We wanna hear everything. Dinner's
same time as usual, sweetheart.
Jonathan, you're home! Can't
fool you, can I, Rosario?
Mrs. Moore,
Jonathan is home.
Oh, darling. Welcome home. Hi, Mom.
We're so glad you're back. Oh, so am I.
But you look a little
tired, dear. I am a little.
Hey, Johnny boy!
Good to see you.
You look great. How was
the trip? Where's my camera?
It's good
to see you too, Dad.
Oh, great. I thought for
sure you lost it. Oh, Al.
You know he's only kidding.
Oh, God, this is great.
Ohh. You wanna talk about this?
Ah, Dad, I'm sorry. It was in my
backpack when I jumped into the moat.
You jumped into a moat? You
jumped into a moat with my Nikon?
Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to. I had to. L...
This is kind
of a long story.
I've got all night.
Can I come in?
'Course, dear.
Don't tell me. This has to
do with that girl, right?
Yeah, it does. You
knocked her up, didn't you?
Oh, Jonathan! Leave it to you to find
the one girl who isn't on the pill.
- No, no, no. You guys are totally wrong.
- You didn't knock her up?
- No.
- You're flunking out of school?
- No, I'm not flunking out.
- What is it? Drugs? You're involved with drugs?
No, Dad. I'm not involved
with drugs. Please just listen.
I told you about the girl
I met in Paris, Sasha.
Everything was going along okay.
We were having a great time.
I'll bet. Will you let him finish?
- Finish.
- She told me she was a courier and had to pick something up.
- So we went to East Berlin.
- "East" Berlin?
- Oh, my God.
- No. Everything was okay there too.
Sasha made her pickup,
and she gave me the strudel.
Then this Russian guy
started following her,
so she called and told me to meet
her at the Cafe Friedrichstrasse,
which really meant that I was
supposed to get out of East Berlin.
So I go to the checkpoint with the
strudel, and I get strip-searched.
- It's okay. I made it through.
But then I go back to the hotel,
and somebody'd stolen all my stuff,
so I had to stay out all night.
The next morning at the Citadel,
Sasha wasn't there.
This lady showed up,
and she wanted the strudel.
Why did the lady
want the strudel?
She didn't,
but I didn't know that.
So I gave it to her,
and they shot her.
- They shot her?
- Who shot her?
I don't know, but they almost got me
too. That's why I jumped into the moat.
They shot her
for a strudel?
No, not for the strudel.
For this.
What's that?
It's a roll of film.
What's on it?
- I don't know.
- Why don't you get it developed?
Dad, are you kidding? I can't just take this
down to Fotomat. It's got spy shit on it.
"Spy shit"?
Okay, he's on drugs.
- I am not.
- Sweetheart, it's all right. We have counseling programs.
Whatever it costs,
we don't care.
- You guys don't believe me.
- This is not a game, son. This is your life.
You're right. I'm on drugs.
I'm a junkie.
I mainline. I freebase. I
put cocaine on my Corn Flakes.
As a matter of fact, I
gotta go meet my connection.
You get back here.
"You" had to let him go
to Europe!
F.B.I. Yeah, I wanna report a following.
I beg your
! !

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