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a girlfriend. Yeah.
I also wait.
Oh, no, look.
I appreciate it, but you
don't have to do that.
I mean, uh, you know,
she's late already.
She probably won't even
show up. So, uh...
You know how women are.
Think I'm just gonna
get goin' myself.
Be talkin' to ya later. It's been
good talkin' to ya. Keep in touch.
Excuse me.
Jonathan? Listen to
me. Yeah. Where are you?
Go to "S- Bahn"
and take the train...
to Leninallee Station.
And I will meet you there.
Leninallee Station. When?
You okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
Well, what's goin' on? Where have
you been? I was being followed.
But, um, I lost him. You
were being followed? By who?
I do not know.
He's a Russian, I think.
Oh, shit, 'cause when I was
waitin' at that butcher shop for ya,
this policeman came up
and started hassling me.
I gave him your name. It does not
matter. We have what we came for.
So we can get out of here? Soon.
I want you to go back to the hotel,
and I will meet you there
in 45 minutes.
No, no, no. I don't want to
leave you. Jonathan, please.
I know what I am doing.
Go back to hotel.
Soon we will be
in Spain, you will see.
Forty-five minutes?
Meet me at the Cafe
Friedrichstrasse. What?
Meet me at
the Cafe Friedrichstrasse.
Come on. Come on.
What? I'm sorry,
I don't "sprechen sie. "
What's wrong?
Why are you running?
Oh, uh, nothing.
Just a little exercise.
Go inside to customs.
Auf Wiedersehen.
Jonathan Moore?
Jon-Jonathan. Yeah. What was the
purpose of your visit to East Berlin?
N- No purpose.
Uh, just to see it.
Yeah. Yeah. "Ja. "
Do you always travel at such
unusual hours of the night?
I just hate crowds.
You make a joke.
Well... not a good one.
Come with me.
Take off your rucksack.
Put it on here.
Open it up.
Take off your clothes.
Go in there and take off
your clothes.
Uh, th-that's all I got, really,
so can I get dressed now?
Do you know that you are
guilty of serious crime?
are you talking about?
This is what
I'm talking about.
It's forbidden to bring
pornographic material into the D.D.R.
- That's not pornography.
- Of course it is.
This pornographic material will
be confiscated. Get dressed.
Your passport, please.
You have no visa
for the D.D.R.
What do you mean? Your
visa expired four hours ago.
You have paid for only one day.
But I'm leaving the D.D.R. Now.
But you are in the D.D.R. You must
have a visa for the additional day.
Where do I get this visa? Window two.
What do you want? L
- I want a visa, please.
For how long?
For one day.
- Why are you in such a hurry to leave the D.D.R.?
- What do you mean?
Your change...
from your visa.
Come on. Come on.
Hey. How you doin'?
Am I in West Berlin now?
You sure are.
Fuck you!
Good night.
I've been wantin' to do that
for the last six months.
Now we're talkin'.
God bless America.
Bitte schon?
How 'bout a Whopper? No, make that a
Double Whopper with American cheese.
And large
American french fries,
and a great big
American chocolate shake.
No sauerkraut.
No schnitzel.
Moore residence. Hello.
Rosario, it's Jonathan.
Uh, Jonathan no home.
No, no. This is Jonathan.
Uh, Jonathan no home.
He's in, um... in Germany.
it's me, Jonathan.
Ah, Jonathan.
You sound so far away.
That's because I'm in Germany.
Are my parents home?
Uh, no, your parents no home.
Uh, they in Palm Springs.
Could you give 'em a message? Could
you tell 'em I'm gonna be home soon?
your parents no home.
Yeah. Okay. Good talkin' to
ya, Rosario. Take care. Adios.
Sorry. She hasn't checked in.
Do I have any messages?
For Mr. Banicek?
Uh, no. Actually, Mr. Moore. Mr. Moore?
Yeah. Jonathan Moore.
"Message toJonathan Moore.
"Meet me at the Zitadelle Spandau on
the tower at 10:00 tomorrow
! !

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