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yesterday will fade
Wrong or right on, baby
There's just you and me
to say
How we found each other
Wejust found the open door
And it's never too late
Never too late at all
No, no, it's never too late
Never too late at all
All over the world,
I have been accused...
of many terrible,
terrible things.
But I am innocent,
I tell you. Innocent.
In my country,
I am considered a hero.
A hero?
A hero.
There has been
a change of plans.
We must go
to your hotel.
To my hotel?
Shh! Please.
Say no more.
This is great.
I wish it did not
have to end so quickly.
What do you mean?
I am leaving tomorrow.
Where are you going?
Berlin, why?
I told you this
was working vacation.
I have business there.
What kind of business?
Nothing very exciting.
Maybe you would
go with me.
To Berlin?
Yes, why not?
I'm supposed to go
to Spain with Manolo.
I mean, we got
tickets and reservations
and stuff.
No, l-I understand you.
Have to stay
with your friend.
No, it-it's not
just my friend,
it's Spain.
I've been wanting
to go there
since I was a kid.
The Pyrenees
and the Picasso
Museum and...
and Pamplona.
I mean, that's where
Hemingway wrote
his best stuff.
Jonathan, you do not
have to explain to me.
You do not want to go,
you do not want to go.
I didn't say
I didn't want to go.
Did I say
I didn't want to go?
I want to go.
I'm going.
We're go...
We're gone.
We're outta here.
Oh, "gut, gut."
[Jonathan's Mother]
How's Paris, dear?
Paris is great, Ma.
You don't have to yell.
- Are you learning French?
- Yeah, yeah. Learning a lot.
I just wanted to tell you that
there's been a change in plans.
I'm not going to Spain.
I met this real nice girl.
And we're going
to Berlin.
[Father] Berlin?
I don't think you want
to go there, dear.
Oh, I'll be
fine, Mom.
I just wanted
to call and tell you
what I was doing, okay?
I love you a lot.
Okay, good-bye now.
[Phone Line Clicks]
What have
you been doing here?
Uh, learning about
la grande passion,
le grand amour.
What's that?
- How would you feel about goin'
on to Spain without me?
- What do you mean?
Sasha. She has to go
to Berlin on business, and
she wants me to go with her.
You're kidding me.
No, what's wrong
with Berlin?
If you like machine guns
and barbed wire.
I thought you were all
psyched on this Spain deal.
Yeah, I was,
"but, uh"...
- I just want to spend
more time with her.
- I don't know, man.
I think you're losing
your perspective.
There are millions
of girls in Spain.
I know there are millions
of girls there, but, uh,
Sasha's special.
She's special.
They're all special.
- I think I'm in love with her.
- You're in love with her.
I don't know if
it's actually love, but...
whatever it is, it's-it's
the most incredible thing
I've ever felt.
Jonathan, you don't
even know this girl.
You're gonna do fine in Spain
without me. You don't want
Bambi hangin' around.
I still think you're lettin'
the little head do the thinkin'
for the big head.
But hey, man.
Go for it.
["Deutschland Uber Alles"]
You love this car?
I love this car.
Oh, what is it?
It's a...
I haven't seen one
like this.
It's a German
[Speaking German]
Yes, Banicek.
Mr. And Mrs. Banicek?
Banicek, Banicek.
Yes, one double room
With a big bed,
With a big bed.
[Singing In German]
[Both Chuckling]
you're getting very good.
[Jonathan] I had
a good teacher.
Yes, I know that.
So why don't we go
to Spain?
No, when you're done
with your business.
! !

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