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You know, you are
very beautiful.
- I know.
Right, I just didn't
want you to forget.
Excusez-moi, monsieur.
- I speak English.
- May I sit with you?
Yeah. Please.
I was sitting
over there, and...
suddenly you looked like
cute little boy to me.
Little boy. Great.
Oh, I like boys.
You do?
You are a... student?
Yeah, yeah,
I'm a student.
Excuse me.
I am
graduate student.
Oh, yeah? Where?
In the film school.
Oh, you, uh, you want
to be a writer or director
or something?
Or something.
You don't sound, uh,
French. I mean you...
Where are you from?
Originally, I am from
Czechoslovakia. Then Berlin.
And now, uh, America.
Oh, yeah?
My name's Sasha Banicek.
Um, Sasha,
this is boy's name.
But it is like,
how do you say?
Nickname? Yes.
Yeah. Nickname.
My real name Alexis.
What is your name?
I'm Jonathan.
Jonathan Moore.
I am, uh, 24.
How old are you?
I'm, uh, 23.
Oh, I would have thought
you were about... 18.
Oh, no. No, I'm...
I'm 23.
I like boys
who are 17, 18.
I do not like
hairy chests.
I like, uh, smooth skin.
And tight,
18-year-old bodies.
I'm 18.
But you just said...
No, l-I know,
I'm sorry. I lied.
Look, I got a passport here.
It says I'm... I'm 18.
Like, I can prove it.
I got...
It is not necessary
to show papers.
I believe you.
Stupid, huh?
You are
a "weer-gin," yes?
"Weer-gin"? L...
A "weer-gin."
You are not yet
being with woman?
No. Geez.
No, God, l...
I've been with, you know,
30, 40, ya kinda lose track.
I like, um, "virgins."
It is so exciting
to me, to touch boy...
the way no woman
ever touch him before.
It is
a feeling of power.
I gotta be honest with you.
I am a "weer-gin."
L... I, uh,
I've been close
a couple times, but
l-I've never actually...
Then, um, that is
second lie, Jonathan.
Do not let
there be a third.
I would kill or die
to make love to you.
- That's not a lie.
-  I know.
Hotel La Splendide,
Uh, yes.
Don't take it
I'll just, uh, check to see...

Remember Manolo, the guy
I told you about?
He's here.
So l... I'll just go
talk to him, f...
Relax, okay?
Do not be too long.
Right. All right.
- Hey, where's Heidi?
-  It's over.
What happened?
Chemistry wasn't there.
She wasn't Swedish!
She was Swiss.
Could you help me out?
You have to take off
for a little while.
You got a girl?
Girl? I got a woman.
Her name is Sasha,
and she's Czechoslovakian.
Come on.
Hey, wait a minute.
Don't rush.
Does she have a friend?
Hey, no offense, amigo,
but she likes guys
who look like Bambi.
I mean, I can't be seen
with Carlos the Terrorist.
Oh, man...
Why don't you check out
the Eiffel Tower or something?
I saw it already.
See it again.
You must be Manolo.
You must be Sasha.
You must be going.
Mon crayon
est large.
This crayon?
That crayon, that's right.
Mm. You are
beautiful lover.
Was I, uh...
okay for you?
Mm, you were okay.
Oh, you were great.
'Cause I didn't really
know what... I mean,
what I was doing.
Yes, I noticed.
You noticed.
Would you like me
to teach you?
Well, if you've
got the time...
We are so different,
you and I.
You are so...
And you are so...
So. I will
teach you Europe.
And I will
teach you America.
And I will
teach you love.
I've been searchin'
through my life
For the sun
to shine my way
This is "Chateau Margaux."
It's very old.
Very smooth.
You sip it slowly.
That is Europe.
And only through my words
Could you ever hear me say
This is a root beer float.
It's cold and sweet.
It's smooth,
yet effervescent.
You slurp it quickly.
That is America.
You "slurp"?
What is "slurp"?
You suck it.
And it's never too late
To leave the
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