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What is this?
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
Holy shit.
Oh, shit.
Do you guys
speak English?
You bet your ass, man.
Can you give me a ride
to the airport?
We're going to Hamburg.
- Is there an airport there?
- Why are you so wet?
- I just jumped into the moat
at the Citadel.
- Oh, yeah?
Yeah, these Russians,
they were chasin' me
and they were shootin' at me.
They're tryin' to kill me.
Can you help me out?
- Russians?
- Far out.
So let's go.
Come on.
Go in.
Thank you.
Danke schon.
Gotcha, babe
What's that game
you're playin'
What's your name, baby
Little girl
- What's your name?
- Uh, Jonathan.
And where are you from?
Los Angeles? L.A.?
L. A...!
We love it!
We love it!
We love it!
L.A. That's really far out.
Hey, you know Bo Derek?
Uh, no.
We watch "Dallas"all the time.
ThatJ.R. Is one bad dude.
Well, look, there are
a couple of bad dudes
that are chasing us right now.
Could we go faster?
I want your body
What aboutJoan Collins?
You ever see her?
- Uh, no. Sorry.
- Hey, Jonathan.
Got your papers ready?
- Papers? What for?
- D.D.R. Checkpoint
in about ten kilometers.
- I don't wanna go to the D.D.R.
- We're going to Hamburg, so we
have to go through the D.D.R.
What if they're waiting
for me at the checkpoint?
Be cool, Jonathan.
Don't sweat it.
Relax, don't do it
when you wanna go to it
Relax, don't do it
when you wanna come
Relax, don't do it
when you wanna suck to it
Relax, don't do it
When you wanna come
Thanks a lot, guys.
You saved my life.
You want these back?
Keep it.
It looks good on you.
Victory Boulevard?
We love it!
Santa Monica Boulevard?
We love it!
Sixth Street?
We love it!
Good afternoon.
Welcome to L.A.
International Airport.

Passengers from Flight 497, Hamburg,
please proceed to immigration...
then to baggage claim area,
thank you.

Moore residence.
- Hi, Rosario.
It's Jonathan.
- Uh, Jonathan no home.
No, Rosario.
It's me, Jonathan.
Are my parents there?
Uh, no, they no home.
Uh, your mother...
she play bridge.
Your father play golf.
Can you tell them
that I'm home now
and to give me a call?
- In Germany?
- No. My apartment.
You sound so close.

The white zone is for immediate
loading and unloading...
of passengers only.
No parking.

Come on. Come on.
Nice and easy.

Wouldn't it be good
to live in your shoes
Even if it was
forjust one day

The white zone
"is for immediate loading"...

Time, most curious
I feel it driftin'away
Now I'm searchin'for words
For somethin'to say
Oh, ho, oh-oh-oh
"We love it!"
Oh, ho, oh-oh-oh
Say it ain't true
Say it ain't true
Say it ain't true
"Say it ain't"...

You ran around
like a hotshot
- Sorry about the window, man.
Send the bill to the Betas.
- "Can we have the football?"

Hello, darling.
It's Mom.
Hi, Mom.
How was Europe?
I'll never forget it.
Could I come over
for dinner tonight?
Of course.
We wanna hear everything.
Dinner's same time as usual,
Jonathan, you're home!
Can't fool you,
can I, Rosario?
Mrs. Moore,
Jonathan is home.
Oh, darling.
Welcome home.
Hi, Mom.
We're so glad
you're back.
Oh, so am I.
But you look
a little tired, dear.
I am a little.
Hey, Johnny boy!
Good to see you.
You look great.
How was the trip?
Where's my camera?
It's good
to see you too, Dad.
Oh, great. I thought
for sure you lost it.
Oh, Al.
You know
he's only kidding.
Oh, God, this is great.
You wanna talk
about this?
Ah, Dad, I'm sorry.
It was in my backpack
when I jumped into the moat.
You jumped into a moat?
! !


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