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Город мастеров

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and joy of your enemies?!
Get up.
Get up.
(Sweeper's song)
Where's your hump, Karakol?
Till this time it was with me,
and now...
Here sonny my words
have come true.
It seems that you had wings
instead of hump on you back.
Just as birds have.
You've killed the villain,
and spread your wings.
Hold on iron-headed!
He breathes!
I was just pretending.
Are you okay?
- Do you know how does Veronik
look like? - How?
This like!
And Karakol?
This like!
And we have a present
for them.
- What present?
- Here, take a look.
There was a man who loved a girl they married
and lived happily to the end of the world
No one could tell then and where
But it happened a long time ago.
The manuscript's letters
were faded and blurred
But know.
Time will never be able to blur,
the courage so strong
and unbending,
And this tale of love,
Mixed with grief and struggle,
will always be told with
a happy end.
Город мастеров

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