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ll marry Veronik.
You and Veronik?
Yes, sweeper!
You'll not leave!
- You'll pay for this with you life!
- Be qiuet, your Highness.
We should keep quiet in the darkness.
Or an enemy, when he hears your
voice, can sneak up to you behind
and squeeze your mouth
with your own cuff.
Let's go and see
his Highness's bride.
- Let's go.
- Take off the clothes.
Your Highness,
you've lost your right cuff.
You'd better tell
about this my valet.
To the Ferren's house!
Road to his Highness,
Duke de Moricorne!
Road to his Highness,
Duke de Moricorne!
Road to his Highness,
Duke de Moricorne!
Nonsense - Now they have
marriage, now they have funerals.
Veronik would rather die,
than marry you,
damned spider.
What did you say, blacksmith?
I said that the fence around the castle,
for his Highness is already done.
the fence around the castle,
for his Highness is already done!
- My arm hurts.
- Stand it,
we'll execute the sweeper and
then we'll go on vocation.
Look, humpback! Humpback!
Do you hear? He hears.
Look how he spins.
Now, you will die!
Ohh, your Highness!
Your Highness, she shatters
dishes and pots with flowers.
Don't pay attention!
She beats them over my head.
- Can I use my force.
- Don't even think about it!
Where is he?
Where is he?
I can't understand.
Where is he?
Come here, all of you! Quickly!
I'll go alone!
His Highness Duke de Moricorne!
- One more step and I'll kill you!
- Hold it right now, Veronik!
Yield to the bride of
your lord and master!
Lower! Lower!
Let's go.
I was late and couldn't alert,
the ringers.
Seize that man!
I'm a lawful ruler of this town!
Get off the way!
Seize the sweeper!
Seize him!
- Run, Veronik!
- Seize him!
Seize him!
- Where did he go?
- Faster. Come on.
Seize him!
Hold him! Seize him!
I need him alive!
- Where's Veronik?
- I'll bring her back your Highness.
- Where's the sweeper?
- I'll kill him, your Highness.
Or I'll kill you.
In half an hour all will be back with
victory and Veronik, your Highness!
Death to the sweeper!
Cruel death to the sweeper!
Entering password for the castle
guard: " Victory and Veronik ".
- Did you hear the password?
- " Victory and Veronik "
Shoemaker, shoemaker,
blacksmith, come out.
The forest is far,
and misfortune is near.
They didn't ring the bells,
there's no need to wait for help.
Death to the craft!
Death to the shoemakers and
(The solemn hymn sounds)
The bell! The bell!
Why aren't they ringing?
Damn it! Ours are waiting for
the ringing in the forest!
Where are they?
Why don't they ring the bells?
Messenger to Duke de Moricorne!
- Password!
- "Victory and Veronik"!
Let in!
Victory, your Highness!
flawless Victory!
- Where's Veronik?
- She is coming.
- And the sweeper?
- Killed.
I've brought great news.
Ask want you want.
I wish that in honor of your
victory all bells ring.
Everybody to the square!
Ring the bells!
Do you hear?
Drink for my marriage, messenger.
- For your death.
- The sweeper is inside!
(The bells are ringing)
- Your Highness!
- What, the sweeper?
Defend yourself, your Highness.
The sweeper is here! Here!
Your Highness.
Come here. That will do.
- Pray, the sweeper!
- Ahh, aren't you tired?
Where are you going, your Highness?
Come back, we'll have a talk.
So what do you want to say
at last, your Highness?
Die, bitch!
And so!
(Karakol's laugh)
Damned sweeper has died!
Damned sweeper has died!
What's going on granny?
You told me that
he'll spread his wings.
Handsome and happy he will be.
Hasn't he spread
his wings darling?
Got rid of humpback.
Cry people.
There's nothing in a whole world
hotter than woman's tears.
They can raise even dead.
The sweeper has died! Died!
Get up! Get up, sonny!
Don't you see our tears?
Damned sweeper has died!
Don't you hear the laugh
Город мастеров Город мастеров

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