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for an
animal but for a man.
- Nowadays a man is worse than an animal.
- You may think so.
It's immaterial to us, master.
Dig here.
- Hi Karakol.
- Hi Ferrek.
- Hi Karakol.
- Hi Millik.
Hi Temale.
- Did you bring the letter, Karakol?
- Yes, I brought for all of you.
- And for me?
- Give it to me.
Dear son, when you come back home?
I mean not home, because
it was burned by strangers...
Dear brother, how are you there
in the forest among wild animals?
Without home and fire...
Dear sonny, we are waiting for the
time, when you come back to the town,
and blockheaded will run away in fear...
Forget it, everything's going
to be allright.
No, you don't have to accompany me.
There where new roads begin,
strangers can be met.
Goodbye Karakol. Hand over my
greetings to your father.
- Goodbye Ferrek.
- Say that we'll meet each other soon.
Soon. I've already made arrangements
with blacksmiths about fence.
Today I'll have a talk with, bell
ringers and when everything's ready -
they can ring.
And you wait.
Beware, today the Duke
is going hunting.
Pay attention.
Your Highness.
Here. I ask.
Come back, Mr Gillom.
I'll go alone.
Take a look on new
areas for hunting.
- Here. Here. - Are you sure
that we'll have big game?
- I'm sure, your Highness.
- So. So.
So. So. So.
- Show me.
- Okay. 5 steps ahead from here.
1, 2, 3, 4...
5. 3 steps to the right
and you're in the pit.
- I mean that you're on the right place.
- You go first.
1, 2, 3.
One can cram a hump this way.
I don't need that,
because I'm going to marry Veronik.
If he'll fing out that
we're here, he'll kill us.
There is someone here.
Shut up, Musherone.
It's me.
His Highness servant,
the keeper of the seal,
- Get me out of here, I'll pay.
- And me.
I don't need anything from you, sir.
Keep the seal in this pit, the better
place for it cannot even be imagined.
Wait. Get me out of here,
do you hear me?
I'll give you this seal for 3 days.
You'll rule this town for 3 days.
During this time you'll have
time to do many things.
You can send people to the execution
block, you also can save people from it.
- Throw me the seal.
- Do it, your Highness.
One moment.
Right. Ring set with a seal.
If we can arrange it without cheating
- Faster, sweeper.
- Suffer.
Faster. Go.
- Go. Pull.
- Away.
Karakol, and me?
- You'll lose the ring.
- No, I won't.
I was thinking all the time,
about his Highness's seal.
Hold that man.
- He has stolen the ring set with a seal.
- Seize him.
You're a liar, your Highness.
Seize him.
Your lordship.
You'll never find it.
Your Highness.
Will you order to execute him
immediately, your Highness?
No, Gillom.
We'll execute him as a thief,
that has stolen my ring, on the square
before the very eyes of people.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
The next morning here on the square
an execution will take place.
The criminal and thief
will be executed,
the criminal, that has ingringed
upon the property and the life
of his Highness Duke de Moricorne.
The conqueror and subduedor
former free
Craftsmen's Town.
- Who is being carried, uncle Temale?
- I don't know.
Now all people are
criminals and thiefs.
Get up.
I want to talk to you.
People usually sit in the jail, your
lordship, but not stand. So sit down and speak.
Why animals and birds are friends
with you, sweeper?
You can ask them about it,
your Highness.
Why do people love you,
Because I love them.
Why does Veronik...
love you?
She loves me?
It's easier to say for me,
why does she hate you.
She hates me?
Because I'm a humpback.
Don't you see that I'm a
humpback too, your Highness.
There's a secret.
Tell me, what's it all about.
I'll free you, will you tell?
Why are you silent, humpback?
I'll give you gold,
everything you want.
Look, Veronik will
never be yours, fool.
You'll be executed in an hour,
and I'
Город мастеров Город мастеров

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