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is he silent?
One moment.
Popochka, how did I teach you?
One moment. Repeat after me.
Repeat. Long live the Duke!
- Long live the Duke!
- Damn you.
Will you kill the sweeper?
You offend me, your Highness.
My sword will cope with this
problem better than he.
You're devoted and brave, Gillom,
but old-fashioned.
A man worshipped by the mob
Shall be killed not by a stranger,
but by one of...
the mob.
I can't hold on any more,
I'm tired.
- Tomorrow I'll join your people in the forest.
- There is already lots of people there.
- Lots of people but for nothing.
- What can they do without arms?
- They're hoping to get them from you.
- They are waiting for nothing.
- I don't understand.
- You will now.
Do you see?
When you finish to forge,
you'll give us everything.
- Now you undestand?
- When do you finish the fence?
- I'm not going to do.
- What fence?
Iron, around the castle.
I won't do that,
and won't forge shackles.
And jail bars, I won't do anything. Enough.
Beware, blacksnith, I'll report about
this immediately to his Highness.
I don't know exactly about the shackles
and jail bars, but fence you will make.
And who will make me do it,
Duke de Moricorne?
- Lift higher.
- So who?
Hand over to Duke that the building
of the fence will be started today.
People say that Karakol has
composed this song for you, Veronik.
And also for you, and for all,
who are holding a needle in their hands.
What a boy, if he hadn't had a hump,
he would be the best fiance for
any our girl.
- I don't notice that he has a hump.
- Really.
So what are you waiting for?
Don't you see that he's in love with you.
Stich after stich,
Saw on my needle.
Though shall not sleep.
Blue sky, bright sun.
And flowers red
On silk you've embroidered.
- Where is he being carried?
- I hope far from us.
They're coming here. For what?
Maybe thay want to find out,
where our brother is hiding?
- Maybe he's already seized?
- No.
They're coming.
- It seems that he is not a deputy.
- He is ugly.
Good morning, madams.
Which of them is your daughter,
master Ferren.
However, I can tell this myself.
And these beautiful women?
They are my daughter's friends.
No, madam, I ask,
please, stay.
- I don't want to interfere in your conversation.
- I want to say something and
it touches upon you.
Master Ferren, don't you think,
the time has come
to marry off your beautiful daughter?
Even if knew Mr Musherone
and his son Kliklak
less than I know, even then
I wouldn't talk to him.
I ask.
I have come here with his Highness
and I'll leave only with his permission.
You may believe that you got it.
Walk Mr Burgomaster to the gates.
Master Ferren, can you accord an
honor to a dear friend.
- If you're a man...
- Am I not?
I don't know, if you have a heart,
then let me stay with my father.
Show me your face.
I want to see how you cry.
Don't laught at me.
You're still in my house.
- And you're in my town.
- I know that.
From the time when you became a ruler
it's impossible even to breathe here.
I can give back to the town
his liberty and freedom.
- All depends on you, Veronik.
- On me?
What can I do?
- Put this on.
- What this?
Engagement ring that belonged to
my mother. Put it on. Now it's yours.
- What for?
- You'll become Duchness de Moricorne.
- What? You must be joking.
- No. You will be my wife.
Go to hell, vile spider.
Ahh, you don't like me.
But I like you,
and that's enough for me,
for me, the ruler of this town,
to make you my own maid,
and I want to marry you!!!!!!
Nice goldsew.
You ask for my hand? Here you are.
I'll answer for this
little prank, but later.
What's the matter with you, Veronik?
Don't worry.
Musherone will never enter your house.
That's true Mr Ferren. And no one else.
Your house and your beautiful
daughter will be guarded.
It seems that he is walking here.
So he is digging this pit not
Город мастеров Город мастеров

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