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says every time the same sentence.
- And what does he say?
- Damn you.
- Who are you looking for?
- Miller.
- And what do you want from him?
- I've got grain for him.
- For what?
- He'll work up it-there'll be flour.
- Here, I've got a parrot.
- And what can he say?
We'll see.
- Long live the Duke!
- What did he say?
- What? What?
- I didn't know. He has deceived me.
- Who? - Kliklak. He gave
this parrot as a gift to me.
How did he get to know about us?
Did you tell him?
Yes, but took an oath that,
he will tell nobody.
- How could you do that?
- I took an oath too,
that I'll tell nobody,
I thought, it was right.
- Traitor.
- Chatter box.
- Girl.
- You've believed KLiklak.
Now you see, you've babbled enough.
Hold it right now.
Mr Burgomaster with his son.
What do you want to get from his
Highness for you as a reward?
- I have only one wish.
- What?
To marry.
My respect to his Highness is tremendous,
but my love to Veronik is enormous.
What do you mean?
Without his Highness order
she'll not marry me.
Certainly, without an order,
she won't.
- Dad.
- Long live the Duke!
Great. Repeat, little fool,
once again.
Long live the Duke!
Why did you bring me in here,
now, at dinner time?
I insist on it, Mr Baron.
- On what?
- I want you to test the next.
Open up...
this one.
Long live the Duke!
Do the others say the same?
- The same.
- So what can you say now?
- I don't believe these people.
- But you should believe you ears.
I don't believe people and my ears. I
believe only in accusations, in accusations.
- Test the next.
- Open up this one.
- Long live the Duke!
- Long live the Duke!
Long live the Duke!
Long live the Duke!
Do you undestand?
This is what an example mean.
I'm sure that in one year,
with the help of your soldiers
All inhabitants will be
saying the same. Take it.
I'm taking this miracle
of nature with me.
- Why? - Because I want to
show it to his Highness.
You're doing you job
very well young man.
Ohh, yes, what's your name?
- Ohh, Mr Baron.
- No, don't be excessively modest.
I have to report to Duke,
that there is a man,
who holds up the new order
who has taught the parrot to say -
Long live the Duke!
- His name is Kliklak.
- Kli... what?
- Kliklak?
- Yes, Mr Baron.
What a strange name,
but I'll try to remember it.
Kliklak. Kliklak.
Maybe you know, who can
rouse the indignation of
blacksmiths, shoemakers?
Of course I know, your Highness,
it's a humpback Karakol.
- Hold your tongue.
- How is that, to hold?
And the sweeper, that
was sitting on a tree.
He is the first agitator. And he has
thought up that think with the parrot.
He made up that thing with the hats. Do
you know what hump does he have? Like this.
Your Highness, I'm sorry,
I didn't know that you look like him.
What do you mean?
You mean the Duke de Moricorne
looks like that sweeper?
Of course no, your Highness, your
legs are thinner, and hump is bigger,
you're nicer, and I just
came into the wrong view.
Why do you so dislike that sweeper?
Because he laughs at me and Veronik.
- Do you want to marry her?
- Yes, in any moment your Highness.
Begin to prepare for the marriage,
So when can I marry her?
When you get rig of that sweeper.
And how can get rid of him?
Kill him.
Your Highness, if I'll try to kill
him, then he'll kill me sooner.
Don't you know how shrewd he is?
Why don't you decoy him into trap
or push off into a pit.
Easy to say, trap.
Where I can find that trap?
I'm scared.
Then Veronik will marry Karakol.
They will be a great married couple.
- What is this? - This is
a talking parrot, your Highness.
Why did you bring him?
This amazing bird can say:
Long live the Duke.
- Who has taught?
- I.
Yes, yes, your Highness,
his name was said.
Your Highness,
how can you reward me?
I will be present at your marriage
Open up.
And, why
Город мастеров Город мастеров

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