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the most
beautiful girl in a whole town.
Don't laugh, or the fortunetelling
will not be fulfilled.
I would rather laugh than cry. And she
will fall in love with me, humpback,
the most beautiful girl
in a whole town.
But you are not humpbacked
Believe me. You won't have a hump.
- And when will it happen?
- So when you rescue the town from the hump.
Listen. Listen.
Everyone, in what the town is rich -
in goods and manufactures,
in jewels and delicacies,
everything should be taken immediately
to the table of his Highness
Duke de Moricorne
- The conqueror and subduedor...
- How long will we endure this more?
We maybe for a long time,
but there are people whose
patience is over.
Who are they, granny Tafaro?
- Did you hear screams last night?
- Screams?
Last night I was sleeping,
what screams?
Last night somebody was screaming...
Let's wait for the night, uncle Nenosh.
It's not time to say out loud in the daytime,
what one cries out from the darkness.
- Nobody listens to us.
- Kliklak is comming.
- Two men assembly is the limit.
- Why?
That's the order.
Haven't you heard?
- And who will assemble-quickly to prison.
- Can we assemble only in prison?
- He lies! How can he know?
- I found out it from my father.
I, burgomaster's son, know
this better than anyone.
Master, Gillom trusts only
two people-me and my father.
He trusts me.
He trusts me.
He trusts me and my father.
Good morning, Karakol.
Good morning, Veronik.
Who are you laughing at?
We're laughing at your fiance.
I see. Who is he? Do I know him?
He goes here and there, and tells
everybody that he wants to marry you.
You must be joking, Karakol?
No, I'm not
in the right mood for joking.
This is the first time, when I hear that
Karakol isn't in the right mood for joking.
What's the matter with you today?
It seems that you have lots of things
to say but you don't know how.
Don't know...
I know. Listen.
The bird is free to sing at night,
But I can tell you guys,
I'm scared to sing at night
And I'm telling no lies.
Let sun shine,
Let sweat leak,
Let crystal gleam, and let me...
- Only Kliklak sings it the daytime.
- And I, and I, and I.
Uhh, vile animal.
Don't disgrace.
Don't disgrace.
- I'll make you shut your mouth.
- Fool.
- Come here. Come here.
- Fool.
Come here. I'll beat you.
You'll shut your mouth.
Where are you going, vile animal?
Tell me, Karakol, when and where
did you see your brother?
Yesterday, by the riverside.
And how is he?
Without house and fire.
- I can't even think of it. - Living there
is just the same as living here, in a town.
In a forest, any shrub
will cover you, and here...
- The walls don't give the protection.
- Am I right, Karakol?
In a forest I have a fear for my
brother, And here, in a town...
Listen. Listen. Listen.
All residents of this town
must remove their hats
before his throne
and himself, Duke de Moricorne,
conqueror and subduesor
former free Craftsmen's Town.
- His squares and streers.
- At first they will remove their hats,
then their heads will be removed.
- Yup.
- Hey.
If a man has brains,
instead of straw in his head,
then he'll think up what to do.
So what esle can you get from me?
He who wears no hat,
has nothing to remove before Duke.
Here take my hat.
And my.
Put it on the top.
What's going on here?
Why are the hats hanging on the
This is an old town's custom,
your majesty.
To give your hats to birds
for future baby birds.
Your majesty, that jester
on the tree is laughing at us.
Seize him.
Down with foreign sholdiers!
Down with foreign sholdiers!
- Down with foreign sholdiers!
- He'll replace Jake.
Poor Jake. He was so good
funny, amusing, cheerful.
- And my.
- Do away with Duke.
- Do you like it?
- Very well.
- But I have to retrain my parrot again.
- Why?
He was living with the drunkard and
he speaks in a woman's voice, and
Город мастеров Город мастеров

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