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capitalistic system.
lf I don't do it,
the communists will gobble you up.
You might ask...
why I need you, Rolling,
when I have inexhaustible
reserves of gold under my feet?
Yes, I would like to ask that.
- Have gin with pepper.
- Cayenne pepper?
Yes, it will stir up your imagination.
We're going to arrange a few
hot days for the mankind.
We'll bring people to the very
edge of a horrible abyss.
Listen, Garin.
l'm a practical man.
Here's my plan.
In those days of tremendous panic, I...
I mean' we shall buy everything -
all plants and factories,
the entire air force' the marine.
ln a word, the whole world...
...we'll grab it by the throat.
lt's a bold idea, I agree.
We must prepare the opinion of your
colleagues there, on the continent.
Meanwhile we shall
shower the world with gold.
Citizens of the world!
Garin is speaking to you.
I got to the bowels of the earth.
At the depth of 12 kilometers
the shaft penetrated a massive
layer of boiling gold.
l'm offering you
my commodity - gold!
The price is 2.5 dollars a kilo.
What is engineer Garin aiming at?
What will happen to the ratio
between the labor and the living
if they begin
to dig gold like clay?
Production and trade
will be ruined.
Big cities will die.
Convene a conference!
Gentlemen, l'm Garin.
Ive brought gold to the world.
What's the matter, Vanya?
I want to go home.
Be patient' soon you'll go home.
But first
I need to do something.
While Garin is away from the island'
we have to seize
the big hyperboloid.
l'm pretty good at climbing.
I climbed up cedars back in Siberia.
Did you really?
You'll have to climb up
the big hyperboloid tower
by a ladder
and send the lift down.
I can do it.
All right, then.
To the big hyperboloid.
You must climb up the tower.
Send the lift down,
I'll delay them.
Sound the alarm!
Someone's climbing up
the big hyperboloid tower.
To the tower!
Someone's sitting on the tower
of the big hyperboloid.
Get in touch with Garin over radio.
We must run.
Garin, Garin.
The big hyperboloid has been seized.
We're going to the open sea.
Heading northeast.
Fly over here.
You know, l'm glad to see you.
We blew it, but it's not important.
We'll cook up something else.
- Why so down in the mouth?
- l'm tired.
We must recapture the big
hyperboloid and the mine.
- Head for the island!
- Aye head for the island!
Look Garin the storm is coming.
Or maybe even a typhoon.
We must change the course.
Bullshit! Full speed ahead.
Head for the island.
Batten down!
Go downstairs.
ln a quarter of an hour we'll be
in the epicenter of the typhoon.
Hitch the lifeboats! Move it!
Fire on the Golden island!
The hyperboloid has been destroyed!
Garin's mysterious disappearance!
The "Arizona" yacht
perished in the hurricane.
Where is Garin?
The EndCentral Studio of Children and Youth Films
named after M. Gorky
Alexei Tolstoy
Based on a novel
Screenplay by
Directed by
Cinematography by A. RYBIN
Production Designers
Music by M. VAINBERG
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Shelga - V. SAFONOV
Rolling - M. ASTANGOV
Zoya Montrose - N. KLIMOVA
Khlynov - M. KUZNETSOV
Tarashkin - Yu. SARANTSEV
Mantsev - N. BUBNOV
Four-fingered - V. CHEKMARYOV
Captain Yansen - B. OYA
Vanya Gusev - Alyosha USHAKOV
How are you doing, Comrade Tarashkin?
Everything's all right?
Everything's all right.
I've come to get a bit oftraining.
Well, are you signing up
for our eight-boat team?
Not sure. I'm afraid I won't
be able to be punctual.
- We're in for a funny business.
- Something about the bandits again?
Think bigger. Crime
on an international scale.
Too bad. We could row together.
Do you know well
the people living in these dachas?
They're mostly tramps. Why?
Has someone


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