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Arizona" yacht
is crossing the Pacific!
Garin has made grandiose
purchases at Rolling's expense!
Garin's hyperboloid
cuts through any armor
and opens the way into
the bowels of the earth!
lt's about you.
Do you hear?
Listen, Arthur, or whatever your
name is, stop tricking me.
I don't believe Garin.
My formulas and notes are
soldered in a tin box
and securely hidden.
l'll fly away, but they'll remain here.
No one will get them.
Even Garin won't.
I won't give them up under torture.
Well' you're
dealing with honest people.
Come on, I know Garin.
He hates me, because
it was I who invented Garin.
Without me, he would have been
just a small-time swindler.
You'll take with you just my live
brain, not the notebooks with formulas.
Arthur Arthurovich,
the dirigible is descending!
Did you hear?
Where's my box?
Who took my papers?
Calm yourself.
You! You stole my
formulas, my papers!
A human brain is incapable of
creating all that... I forgot...
I forgot everything.
You have to calm down'
Nikolai Khristoforovich.
That boy took them!
What the devil!
The men are exhausted.
They're looking for the boy.
We can't take off without him.
- The mast won't hold.
- Hold it!
Move it!
To the cabin.
Do we take off' Arthur Arthurovich?
Start'er up, guys!
We're flying!
Hold it! The boy!
My formulas!
My papers!
Wait! Wait!
Garin has seized an island
in the Pacific
and declared himself its owner.
He built a gold mine on it.
Here're Mantsev's diaries.
I ask you to rise
in memory of him.
Now we've got a lot cleared up.
The olivine belt has three layers.
The middle belt is iron and nickel.
The upper one is slags.
And' finally, the lower, third, layer
is gold, platinum and mercury.
Day and night,
we're getting deeper and deeper,
to the inexhaustible reserves of gold.
The Siberian placers,
the goldfields of California,
it's just peanuts,
a cottage industry.
We've got gold under our feet!
We just have to break
through the boiling olivine.
This morning we got down
lower than the magnetic belt.
All the instruments are
pointing to zero.
Gold must be above.
We shall find gold!
This morning we're taking mercury.
We must continue!
Mantsev couldn't be mistaken.
Gold is above!
We go up!
We're just plain stupid!
Mercury and gold are boiling
side by side.
So what do we get?
lt's mercuric gold!
Mercuric gold.
Mercury has a golden tint!
lt's 90 percent
pure gold!
Engineer Garin
is the greatest adventurer!
The Golden island mine should
be filled up as soon as possible!
What' my dear gentlemen?
The fleet has been
ordered to bombard.
To level the island with the ocean.
What's the matter?
Are you so worried about
the fleet approaching?
Eight battleships.
Their salvo amounts
to a billion kilograms.
We'll manage the squadron,
Ive got two hyperboloids.
The squadron's approaching.
l'm taking a decision.
l'll trust Shelga with
the secret of the big hyperboloid.
Shelga' the hour has come.
I have foreseen this.
You'll help destroy the fleet.
- A nice job.
- Bullshit!
Your task is to sink the battleships.
Don't even dare to refuse.
layout do, l'll shoot you.
Yes or no?
Provocateur! Bastard!
Drop this thing!
I don't believe you.
You've already lied to me three times!
lnto the shaft!
Breathe mercury!
And the boy goes down there too!
Let's go and have breakfast.
And crack a bottle of champagne.
Well, your dream has come true.
You can institute
the Order of Divine Zoya now.
Now you're the queen
of the Golden island.
You're a fop, Garin.
You're a terrible man,
you love nobody.
Except you.
When l'm in power, l'll have you
hanged from the hyperboloid's tower.
Hello! Hello!
The time has come to talk
seriously. How about it?
All right.
Speak on.
l'm listening.
I suggest again
that we cooperate.
Are you surprised?
l'll explain.
l'm an organizer,
I want to restructure
your whole

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