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Where's the rest of the text?
There must be the coordinates here.
l'm not going to tell you that.
- ls Mantsev alive?
- Yes, he's alive.
Where's he?
Any sum of money.
I don't want it.
So you're turning it down.
Will you agree to take it
for the model of my apparatus?
You think l'll cheat?
Think well: will I cheat or not?
I agree.
You won't be seeking my death
in the nearest future?
ln the nearest future, no.
Only give your word that you'll be
playing in good faith and won't cheat.
All right.
For a while we'll hide the model
of the apparatus in a safe place.
Now you'll be taken upstairs.
lt's too damp here.
Get well, eat and drink
to your heart's content.
Then you'll have
a little sea journey.
l'm offering you a dangerous work.
You'll get more than from Rolling.
You'll go to Leningrad
and find the boy.
That's him.
ls this boy
lvan Gusev?
What business is that of yours?
But first be
polite, comrade.
My name is Levy.
Arthur Levy.
So what?
l'm an official
of the Soviet embassy.
Are you satisfied, comrade?
Can you
confirm that the photograph
is actually of this boy?
The photo was given me by Shelga.
Yes' yes' Shelga.
l'm entrusted with a secret mission
to take the boy
to the indicated address.
Are you going to submit?
The mandate?
Everything seems to be correct.
Look, maybe someone else
can go instead of him?
- The boy has to study.
- Don't be afraid.
The boy will be
fine with me.
Across the wide,
snow-covered expanses of Siberia,
Vanya Gusev had led the expedition
to Mantsev's winter lair.
Nikolai Khristoforovich,
don't you recognize me?
No. No.
l'm not used to people.
I haven't eaten bread for so long.
l'm lvan Gusev. I did everything
as you told me.
Ive brought those people to you.
Who are these people?
A learned expedition.
Why are they here?
l'll show nothing to them.
Nikolai Khristoforovich,
you have to calm down.
Please, eat and take a rest.
We can't take you
out of here before spring.
I want to talk to you
lt was Pyotr Petrovich Garin
who sent me for you.
ls Garin alive?
He didn't forget about me?
lf only Garin
could get a hundred thousand!
What we could have done then!
Garin is in possession of billions!
He's in all the world's newspapers!
He did build the hyperboloid!
I shared with him the idea of
a hyperboloid.
He's stolen my brains and left me
to rot in the damned taiga!
What can I take from life now?
A bed, a doctor and chicken broth.
Oh, Garin...
The devourer of someone else's ideas!
Garin remembers about you.
Scurvy has eaten my teeth,
my brains got dull.
l'm almost blind.
Garin thought of me
too late. Oh' it's too late.
He remembers about you.
He has sent me to bring you back.
Soon a dirigible will be here.
I would like to know
where you're taking me.
I don't understand
what you need my life for.
You're a funny man' Shelga.
Now I know those coordinates.
l'm taking you to the Golden island.
lt's a natural show of interest
for a close bedding of gold.
l'll be able to get
as much of it as I want.
Why go so far?
The olivine belt is everywhere.
Oh' Shelga, Shelga...
Here the olivine belt is
at 12 km, and there at 5.
But why do you need me?
lt doesn't make any sense.
lt does.
Bring it in.
You'll come useful.
l'm offering you a salary
of 50 thousand dollars. Will you go?
You want to change the world?
I want it, too.
But my way.
What will you start with?
Stamping gold coins
with a bearded profile?
And with Madame Zoya on the back?
You can't forgive me my beard.
l'll show you my hand.
I need you as a hostage.
The landmarks on my way are
Rolling with his billions,
the hyperboloid
and Mantsev, whom you know.
The hyperboloid has been built.
Rolling is on the "Arizona".
You'll get your freedom
when Mantsev is here.
An inquiry in the Parliament.
Garin got 20 million pounds
from a bank!
The "

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